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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Weird Prediction

The PI reports that the Sporting News predicts the Hawks to finish 7-9, in third place behind the Arizona Cardinals (9-7) and the Rams (8-8). The rationalization uses that seer of wisdom, Chike Okeafor, in saying that the Hawks lack heart and will take awhile to find it.

OK. Fine. So, instead, one would say that the Arizona Cardinals have more heart? Well, sure, Kurt Warner has plenty heart. It's just that Warner's heart is high on interceptions and fumbles while being low on wins. And of course there is St. Louis, who still has a man named Mike Martz as their head coach and has made little to no improvements on their defense.

Meanwhile, the Hawks have drastically altered their roster. Listen, Hasselback has heart, and the team is now officially his. Even if Alexander does come back, the Hawks are now Hasselback's team. The defense has two proven leaders in Grant Wistrom and Jamie Sharper, two individuals that will never lack heart, while Hamlim and Boulware grow into greater roles. Koren Robinson is no more. Chike (disappear for the big plays) Okeafor is no more. Chris Terry is gone. I like this team, and like what Ruskell has done. We are the defending champions, and I don't believe that we should be picked to drop to 3rd without a much, much better reason.

Gavin: Colin beat me to the punch on this one as well. Let me put my reaction in clear terms. This is RIDICULOUS. Look, all caps. It means I'm serious. I should have stuck a frowny face next to it, but hopefully you got the point. Let's quickly run down the list. Arizona gained Kurt Warner, Cadillac Williams, Antrell Rolle, and Chike Okeafor, while losing LJ Shelton and their other first string corner. Continued improvement, but division winner? St. Louis added Chris Claiborne, while Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt get another year older (one of them will miss five games next season... they've both been healthy for too long). We dramatically altered our lineup, got rid of fluff and chaff, and cemented ourselves around our best player, Matt Hasselbeck. We have a better offensive line, stud secondary, improved linebacking corp, deeper wide receiver corp, etc. This should be a 10-6 club and the favorites in the division. Time to prove the doubters wrong, Seattle. Speaking of that deeper wide receiver corp, Bobby Engram has been named the starter opposite Jackson. At first I thought this wasn't smart, since he is so solid as a slot guy. However, in reading his and Holmgren's thoughts, I'm more excited than ever. We are deep and versatile enough at the position that anyone can play either side or the slot, so we can throw multiple looks at the defense, since we lack either blazing speed or commanding size. It'll kinda be the Sonics of the wide receivers, if you get my drift, able to beat you in many ways. Look for it. I will.

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