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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stick to the NBA, Locke...

An absolutely terrible piece of writing from David Locke today on the path of the Mariners for the rest of the year. Locke postulates that no minor-league players should be brought up as, instead, Hargrove re-teaches this group of players how to "win".

What.... the.... h....e....double hockey sticks..... is Locke smoking?

Is Hargrove going to magically reteach Boone how to hit the baseball and become 29 again instead of 36 and so done that he should be pickled?

Is Hargrove somehow going to teach Ryan Franklin how to be a superior pitcher?

Is Hasegawa, Nelson, or Thornton, all of a sudden, going to become superior relief pitchers?

And what does it mean to teach someone to win? Am I supposed to believe that Beltre, Sexson, and Ichiro need to be told by a manager that they need to hit, score runs, play good defense, and keep from making mistakes? GAAAAAAAH!

Locke, I like your take on the Sonics. You write well. However, it seems as if anytime you decide to write about the M's, you lose control of your bowels and excrement spews forth. The Mariners do not need to "blow up" the team. However, it is about time to see what Campillo, King Felix, Sherrill, Snelling, and Lopez can do on the big league level, and STILL try to make it to .500. Because, honestly, I see us as having a better chance at .500 with most of those players on our roster then right now.

Gavin: I heard Locke spouting this same garbage on the radio a few nights ago and am still pretty confused. What type of winning aura are we achieving right now having Boone trot out there a few times each game to weakly pop out to the opposite field? What aura is Matt Thornton achieving through losing us game after game? Through Jeff Nelson allowing one of two batters to reach base? Through leaving INSANE prospects in AAA? It's not like these kids are struggling. Look at their stats (posted yesterday). Is keeping Ryan Franklin over Felix Hernandez promoting winning? No... it is promoting idiocy. These type of chemistry articles are ridiculous. We are far below .500. Is reaching .500 a success for us? It's still a season without a trip to the playoffs, and we have to watch Boone all year. These points make no sense. Stop it. Bad Locke.

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