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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sonics second best team?

You'd have to consider it after watching these playoffs. Were we really the second best team in the NBA? We had the depth to be better than Miami. We could score better than Denver. We could defend better than Phoenix.

The Sonics did the best job of containing Tim Duncan, putting a body on Manu Ginobili, getting Tony Parker out of rhythm, all the things that made our series with the Spurs the most competitive they had. We should have gotten a game seven out of it.

The Pistons need to, as Mark Stein points out, call Nate McMillan. I thought Larry Brown was a better coach than this, because his adjustments have been Mike D'Antoni'esque. The Spurs aren't as brilliant a team as people are looking at them as. The Pistons are helping make them look this good.

So... the Sonics were down 2-0. They came back to tie it 2-2. It can be done, Detroit. It will only be done if the Pistons decide to play Sonics style of basketball. Perhaps this series won't be so insanely dull at that point either.

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