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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sonics Draft Thoughts

Well, one day later and I'm still not satisfied with our pick of Johan Petro, C, France with the 25th selection when both Jason Maxiell and Wayne Simien were on the board.

Chad Ford grades our draft at a B+, as he liked both Frenchies.

I do like our first second round pick, Mickael Gelabale. He does look like an improved version of Desmond Mason, with an improved outside jumper. He's an excellent defender, and could pair well with Damien Wilkins.

Lawrence Roberts saved the draft for me last night, since I thought he would be a good replacement for Reggie Evans. However, Rick Sund disagreed, since we got two second round picks for him, which is good value for a pick in the 50s.

I guess what it comes down to is simple. We were standing toe to toe with the eventual champion Spurs last year. We just needed to retool, add some size, get healthy, and who knows for this year. Instead, I feel like we drafted with an eye to the future. What about next year? Are we going to be competitive? Are we going to now resign all these players? I am concerned about the team's commitment to next season. It is almost June 30, and no one besides Sund has been resigned. Not impressive.

There are a lot of undrafted free agents out there who could have been drafted, and hopefully the Sonics can find some value, ala Wilkins. Obviously, I wish for Will Conroy.

Speaking of all those undrafted, great year for seniors and bad year for idiot underclassmen. Shavlik Randolph, Matt Walsh, Anthony Roberson, Kennedy Winston and others all made poor decisions in leaving school. All could have been leaders on top 25 teams. Hopefully Brandon Roy understands what a great decision he made.

The NBDL made a huge impact in the draft. The second round was full of players that could have been undrafted, but since they could stick them down in the developmental league it was worth the second round pick. Thanks Stern, at least they weren't first rounders.

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