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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Round 1 - Colin's Live Blog (blatantly stealing from Bill Simmons)

Note: This live-blog started at the 12 pick, but I was watching from the 3 pick.

-- I have to agree with Stephen A. Why in the world would the Clips pick a 18 year old over Sean May or Rashad McCants? Heck, the Russian looks 15.

-- Channing Frye is not worthy of a top-10 pick. Nope. I can't see him handling the pressure in New York. He is a nice player, but I just didn't see the star potential from him, and I watched him for years in the Pac-10. The Wildcats go-to guy was Stoudamire, not Frye. But because Frye is tall, he goes early. There is some weird rule in the NBA that you need a 7-footer on your roster in order to win. Where did this come from? How many good centers are there in this league? Kareem and Shaq are the exception, not the rule. The rule is Rasho Nesterovic and Michael Olowokandi. The rule is Jerome James. The rule is Chris Mihm. Draft the best player, not the tallest player.

-- Stuart Scott tries his darndest to interview Fran Vasquez, but, no, doesn't work. It's hard when the guy doesn't speak any English, Stu.

-- I love the Ike Diogu pick, and not just because I spent the last year at Arizona State. The guy can play, and he should be a great addition, a GREAT addition to Golden State. I like that team more and more, with Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy, and now Diogu.

-- Will Martell Webster succeed in Portland? I hope so, but it's hard to see that needed leadership for the young player. Who will he learn from? Darius Miles? Ouch.

-- Dick Vitale rips on international players, which I also agree with, though he says that Yao Ming has been the only impact player drafted, somehow forgetting about Ginobli and Parker.

-- So, you are Toronto. Your best player is Chris Bosh. You have the #7 pick. What do you do? You draft... Charlie Villaneuva, who plays the same position as Chris Bosh. Steven A. sums it up, "There is a lot of turnover in this league management-wise, and I expect some more turnover after this draft." You follow that up with Joey Graham, a semi-solid pick, but I would have gone with a guard, unless you really believe that Rafer Alston is the answer.

-- Who made out like bandits? The Charlotte Bobcats, who got Raymond Felton and Sean May. Wow. That's just.... incredible. They now have a solid, solid core of players with Okafor and these two, and they should be real good, real soon.

-- Jay Bilas, wow. Incredible stuff. Almost as good as Stuart Scott's interviews, as he gives half-hearted performances with stiff youngster after stiff youngster, with the exception of Raymond Felton.

-- Speaking of Raymond Felton, I will definitely blog on this later, but the NBA needs to market guys like that. He looks like a solid, solid man as well as a solid player.

-- Great moment. David Stern is paying so much attention to the ESPN guys that he doesn't see Rashad McCants walk up on the stage for the obligatory handshake and picture. McCants has to give Stern a little tap to get his picture. Is Mike Tirico really that exciting?

-- More free advertising for Coach K. Seriously, shouldn't the NCAA step in at some point? Isn't this against recruiting rules?

-- Next situation. You are the Indiana Pacers, a great defensive team that can't score. You draft.... Danny Granger, a great defensive player who isn't a great scorer. Ummmm, hmmm, ummmm..... OK. You see, this is my problem with the NBA (or, one of my problems). The main reason I'm even watching this is that Gavin has a doctor's appointment. Do GM's pay attention to their own team? You only have 5 players on the court at a given time. You know what you have, and you should, by now, know what you need to improve those 5 players. Make the right choice! For the Pacers, you just lost your best shooter in one Reggie Miller. You have Tinsley, you have Artest, you have O'Neal. Draft the 2 guard. At least Granger can sing. And he grew up a Jehovah's Witness, which, in the fantasy world according to Stuart Scott, should make a big difference in adjusting to the NBA.

-- "We get carried away with track and field stats. This is basketball. Who cares about wingspan?" Dick Vitale, ladies and gentlemen.

-- A good pick for Boston in Gerald Greene. No, I'm not a big fan of drafting high-schoolers, but this guy is almost 20 years old and is an athletic freak. Bill Simmons should be pleased.

-- The Memphis Grizzlies just got lucky with Hakim Warrick at 19. He will be a great rebounder, an excellent energy guy who will play WELL in Fratello's system. Maybe his "upside" isn't that great (actually, I've only heard Bilas say that word a couple of times), but he can defend, and he is improving.

-- Sonics at 25. Still on the board: Jarrett Jack, Wayne Simien, Rony Turiaf, Francisco Garcia, Jason Maxiell, and Salim Stoudamire. I would be ok with any of these picks. At least one of them will be left on the board, since we are right at the 20th pick right now (Denver).

-- One thing I do like about the NBA draft is the 5 minute break between picks, which makes this round pass by a lot faster than the NFL, which took FOREVER. There was only so much Chris Berman I could take, and, here, I get less Bilas and Vitale, which I enjoy.

-- Fran Fraschilla just put Detroit in the list of teams that draft international players well. Um, remember a guy named Darko? How did THAT one turn out, Fran?

-- Phew. The Sonics won't draft Julius Hodge. The Nuggets snapped him up at 20, which makes sense. They needed a shooter, and Hodge will give you that. However, I would have went with Stoudamire, but it seems like I'm in the extreme minority on how much I like him as a potential pro.

-- Who will Phoenix draft? Obviously this pick means a little more to me and my new home. They need a runner. I'm going to guess Jack or Garcia, leaning towards Garcia. And the pick is... NATE ROBINSON!!! WOW!!! Well, I'm going to Phoenix games next season! Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm stunned. Just stunned. He will fit into Phoenix's system, will run the floor, can do the 1 or the 2, and will attack. Excellent. Wow. Wow. Geez. Wow. Can you tell I am excited? Oh shoot, Bucher is breaking my bubble and telling me that Robinson will be shipped off to the Knicks with Q Rich for Kurt Thomas. Oh well. The Knicks will enjoy him. Blah. I WAS excited.

-- And the Sonics won't draft Jarrett Jack. The Nuggets snapped him up as well at 22. OK, will Simien last? Two more picks to go, Sacramento or Houston. Good draft by Denver so far.

-- "Next up, the teams that went deep in the playoffs, deep in the 1st round." Um, Mike, Sacramento and Houston lost in the 1st round, remember? That's not, "deep in the playoffs". That's, "made an obligatory appearance in the playoffs."

-- Mindless question: If aliens did land and want to conquer us, like in "War of the Worlds", could you think of anyone as a better negotiator for humanity than David Stern?

-- OK, Francisco Garcia goes to the Kings. Good pick, he will fit well into the Kings system. He'll have to work on his whining, though, to really fit in with Bibby, Stojakovic, and Miller. Definitely need some excellent whining skills to mesh.

-- The Rockets have the last pick before Seattle, and they pick Luther Head, a solid player, but I'm not sure if he was needed for the Rockets. Bilas thinks he can play the point, but, in my opinion, he's a 2, and the Rockets have a decent 2 already in Tracy McGrady.

-- Bilas: "They are celebrating in Seattle because they can now draft Ddkaldskaflj Isdafklsajfeie (I have no idea what Euro guy he's talking about). This will be a big pick for them." What? We need some Euro guy no one's heard of? Yeah, hell, go ahead and pick him instead of Wayne Simien or Jason Maxiell. What have they ever done?

-- The Sonics draft Johan Petro, a center from France. Yippee. He's 7 ft, 240. Didn't we draft a center last year? Why, that's right, Robert Swift. We drafted HIM last year. Holy cow. Well, when I woke up today I did think to myself, "Wouldn't it be just wonderful if the Sonics drafted some guy from France?" Maybe Gavin knows more about this guy, but I sure don't.

-- Why do teams like Detroit keep on winning? They pick guys like Jason Maxiell. Bilas might not like this pick, but he should fit SEAMLESSLY with Detroit's style of basketball. Stephen A. likes it, and I trust him a ton more than Bilas. So does Greg Anthony.

-- Ichiro homers off Zito to lead off the M's game. Well, that's nice.

-- You know what, I don't care about the rest of the 1st round. Later, y'all.

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