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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Pre Draft

Just as the hope of all hopes had flashed before the M's faithful's collective eyes, the deal sending Boone to the Padres appears to be more tepid than previously written. This can be summed up in one easy word. Damn.

I was listening to David Locke yesterday try to continue and argue his point about bringing up youth. I couldn't believe my ears. At the least he should have acknowledged that Morse and Rivera had given a much needed boost of energy. Boone looks terrible all around.

The Sonics need this first round pick and shouldn't trade down. We need to upgrade our roster, even if we resigned everyone we are not a championship caliber squad. We need a man down low who can score off rebounds and hit free throws. There are many players, one rocketing up my mental board is Jason Maxiell, who I would prefer to Ronny "five fouls" Turiaf.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a scam waiting to happen. I have rented two cars from them, and twice they have tried to charge me for minor dings not my fault. Don't use them. Budget is much better.

I'm kinda excited about this draft. There is so much unknown in it. Every single mock draft is incredibly different after pick three. That's nuts. Unfortunately, I'll be at the chiropractor during much of the first round and will be unable to do my famed live blog. Don't fret, however, you will receive the bounty of my thoughts tonight(or tomorrow if I don't feel like working). My fingers are still crossed about the possibility of Will Conroy coming our way in the second round.

Worst mock draft, courtesy of CNNSI. The Sonics, enthralled with the poor jump shot, select Julius Hodge at pick 25, passing up on a slipping Ike Diogu. What? Worst move ever. Move I would be extremely upset about tonight.

I bought a car yesterday. Good times. I now join the ranks of those who obsess over every minute detail of the car's finish. Away with you, fowl!

Wiki Gonzalez up, Rene Rivera down. Pat Borders, the walking skeleton, remains. M's Baseball, What a Show! Hopefully that rocking show can actually hit some A's pitching tonight. At the least, the goal should be to avoid giving up long balls to weak hitting middle infielders.

I miss football.

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