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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Random Saturday Viewing Notes

Why is it that I can watch an hour of the US Open... golf... a relatively boring sport where men hit a small ball at a small hole, with five minutes in between each shot, and still can't bring myself to watch any of the NBA Finals? Perhaps it's because every game has been a blow out. Perhaps it's because in every game one team has failed to score 80. 80 points! The symbol of offensive mediocrity. At least the series itself is competitive in the games won. Perhaps people can quit talking about the Spurs as if the Lord himself put them together as a fantasy team.

I was watching the Texas/Baylor matchup and Ahman Green was in the stands, ready to cheer his Nebraska Cornhuskers on. Ahman promptly discusses how he is "Husker through and through"... this while wearing a North Carolina basketball jersey. Through and through.

Back to golf... they are finally saying the magic words "a moment ago" so that when they show the obscure 30 foot putt by the guy 9 shots back we aren't having our intelligence insulted by their insinuation that it was live. The postgame interviews on NBC have been fairly entertaining as well as golfer after golfer shows up after a disappointing round and flatly brush off every lame question thrown their general direction. I say one over par wins tomorrow.

Fantasy baseball truly warps one's perspective on games. My opponent this week has Dontrelle Willis, facing our division rival Anaheim Angels (I'm still boycotting that absurd LA Angels of Anaheim crap). So now I want the Angels to pound Willis while still losing. Of course Willis throws 7 shutout innings and is leading 1-0 when he leaves. Now I'm facing the prospect of the win and in an inning Todd Jones coming in to get the save (Jones is one of his closers). Then I have some hopes realized as Vlad Guerrero hits a home run to tie the game. I have Guerrero on my team. Now is when it really gets tricky. My opponent also has F-Rod, who is brought in to pitch the ninth. In the bottom of the ninth, the Angels load up the bases with one out and Darin Erstad up. Now I'm still faced with a win going to my opponent, this time to F-Rodriguez and even worse, Guerrero's on deck and I obviously want him to succeed. So Erstad grounds into a double play and I'm spared again. However, Mike Scoscia desires my demise (probably because I thought he was wrong with the whole pine tar incident) and leaves Rodriguez in for the tenth. In the bottom of the frame, the Marlins bring in the aforementioned Todd Jones to face Guerrero, who promptly homers to end the game. So to sum up: Willis gets a no-decision, Rodriguez gets the win, Jones gets bad stats, and Guerrero gets me two home runs. Just try that type of interaction simply from watching a game.

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