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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New CBA in place

For those who like going far too in detail over minute agreements, check out the attached article from Chad "Foreign Players Have Potential" Ford that goes into every small item in the new NBA collective bargaining agreement. I would look at it thusly...

David Stern took Billy Hunter out behind the shed.

Also, one nice touch I didn't mention yesterday. The NBDL is finally going to have some legitimacy as a minor league, so even if we draft a 19 year old "potential" prospect from Europe after reading too many Chad Ford articles we can sit them down in the minors for a year and let them actually play to see that they have no upper body strength.

Note: I know there have been some foreign players that have worked out. Just very few. No real big men other than Divac and Sabonis.

The salary cap will be raised as well, which hopefully will help the Sonics sign more free agents off their own club. Maybe Antonio Daniels? Maybe not.

Speaking of signings, Portland is rumored to be interested in offering Nate McMillan 8 million dollars a year to coach their team. This is what I love about Paul Allen. He will do whatever it takes to sign the flavor of the month. Let's get this clear... Nate McMillan has had ONE good year. ONE. He is most definitely not worth that type of contract. We are about to sign Rick Sund back, which is nice, and his legacy will be ensured if/when he resigns Ray Allen.

Enough Sonics talk for now. To me, it's already the offseason, since the NBA Finals has been such a yawner.

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