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Thursday, June 30, 2005

NBA News

-- Will Conroy and Tre Simmons have found homes. The Sonics made overtures to both of them, but Conroy decided to head to the Lakers, while Simmons is heading south to Atlanta to play with Marvin Williams and fellow sharp-shooter Salim Stoudamire. We wish both of them the best of luck, though I personally hope that the Lakers drop Conroy so the Sonics can pick him up.

Gavin: These are all the items I was going to blog on, so I figure I'll just jump on this. My dream on Conroy being a Sonic is dead for now, although I at least am glad we made him an offer. The Lakers need a point guard badly to run the triangle, so Conroy will be given every chance to make the roster, which probably helped him make his decision. Simmons is a good fit for Atlanta, simply because the Hawks suck enough that he has as good a shot as anywhere to stick around as well. Teams will find that they are better than most of the second round picks (and some of the first... hello Clippers). Here's to Conroy getting cut!

-- The Sonics, finally, made offers to some of their free agents. Unfortunately, this is not all good news. Great news: Offer to Damien Wilkins. Good news: Offer to Reggie Evans (since we decided not to draft anyone to fill the void if he left). OK news: Offer to Vlade Radmanovic (hopefully just for a year or two before someone foolishly pays him an exorbitant sum). Bad news: Offer to Ronald Murray (What? Is there an individual who obviously does NOT fit into our system more than Ronald Murray? He's a poor passer, an over-dribbler, and a streaky shooter who was more often cold than hot last year). My hope? We sign Wilkins and Evans, do not sign Murray, and, quite honestly, I am perfectly ambivalent about whether Rad-Man stays.

Gavin: Have to agree with Colin there. Ronald Murray needs to go. He has to play twenty minutes every day and could have a shot at being a super-sub type player. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury, and he is too streaky to be on our club. I still look for Damien Wilkins to be resigned, because he was way too valuable for us at the end of the year and will be our best guard defender. Radmanovic's decision is based on whatever team wants to possibly overpay him. I'm ambivalent about his return.

-- Nate McMillan is giving off red flares signalling his intent to leave Seattle to pursue, possibly, the Detroit job, if Larry Brown does resign. I don't think he will go to Milwaukee, especially after management decided that Andrew Bogut was THE answer (hint: nope). I also don't think he will go to New York, because that team is deep, deep in NBA cap hell. But if Detroit offers Nate the job, he's gone. It's as simple as that. And I would fully understand. The best owner in the league, the best President and GM in Joe Dumars, a group of individuals who want to play the rough and tough style that Nate loves, and a city that would embrace him.

Gavin: David Locke had a good article today to this effect. Essentially, Nate was left hung out to dry by the Sonics at the beginning of last year. With so much up in the air now, what is the reason not to see what else is out there? He has to. Now, I don't think that there is much out there outside of the Pistons, and now that the Cavs VP position has been filled I'm not sure what Larry Brown is going to do. We have to prove to Nate that we are committed to winning, and as the below graph indicates, even the fans aren't convinced.

-- I'm getting negative vibes about the direction of the Sonics franchise, and they doubled in intensity after the draft. That draft was not looking at next year. That draft was the type of draft that you normally see from a rebuilding team. Personally, I felt that we were done rebuilding. However, if the money is not put out by ownership, we might be back in rebuilding mode by the end of July, as McMillan and Ray Allen blow kisses as they walk out of our lives.

Gavin: This is what I wrote about yesterday. We can tender offers to our restricted free agents. We can say we are "negotiating" with Allen and McMillan. When are we going to see results? Far too much left undone. The Sonics will lose me as a fan for a while if I don't see some type of real effort this summer.

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