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Monday, June 27, 2005

NBA Mock Draft

Time for me to trot this out, even though I have a bunch of "don't-care's" in this. The NBA draft is mainly about "upside" which I hate, instead of players we get to actually see contribute the following season. Luckily the NBA is instituting the NBDL next year and will more closely align with baseball. We just want to see them play, not sit on the bench with a few features done on them during the year.

This is kinda a fun mock draft to do because of how balanced the draft is. Even at the top there is no consensus 10 time all star. No guarantee in the form of a Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James. That makes it enjoyable... hopefully teams pick based more on need, because that's what I'm going to do. And with that, on to the picks.

1. Milwaukee - Marvin Wiliams, F, North Carolina
I'm not as big of a Marvin Williams fan as many are. He disappeared in the NCAA tournament and seemed far too willing to accept a support role. He has shown flashes of potential, especially off the offensive glass. His post skills are rudimentary, and will need to be refined, as well as his outside shot. Overall, Marvin looks like he could be solid, but could go either way. Still, Milwaukee goes with him because TJ Ford is on his way back and so they don't really need a point guard and Andrew Bogut is not worth that pick.

2. Atlanta - Chris Paul, PG, Wake Forest
Bogut will be one of the top two picks. However, Atlanta is an absolute mess at the point guard position and Chris Paul has the offensive skills that Deron Williams lacks. Paul is flashy and can carry a team, even if he disappeared at times at Wake Forest. Frankly, I feel that in ten years the team that gets Paul will be better off than the team that gets Bogut.

3. Portland - Andrew Bogut, C, Utah
This would actually be a good pick for the Trailblazers, as Theo Ratliff could coach the kid for a bit and allow him some time to grow into the center role. Bogut would fit well into Portland's personnel, although it is still up in the air who the next coach will be.

4. New Orleans - Sean May, C, North Carolina
I just do not understand how this guy does not go in the top ten. Anybody who passes on him just wasn't watching the NCAAs. Most drafts have this pick going to Paul or Deron Williams. This after Dan Dickau was the only thing worth watching about New Orleans (that and that high school guy, I think his name was JR Smith). Sean May would provide a great scoring and rebounding presence down low. His hands are so soft. I absolutely love his touch. With the way the center position is dying the Hornets will get everything they need with this guy.

5. Charlotte - Deron Williams, PG, Illinois
They wanted Chris Paul and they get Williams, who has some additional strengths. Deron is a winner, he carried the Illini several times on his back, showed a penchant for hitting big threes, played the best defense in the NCAA Tourney (shut down Salim Stoudamire), and has the type of body that can push most NBA point guards around. Charlotte will not be disappointed with him.

6. Utah - Gerald Green, G/F, HS
My first "upside" pick. However, Green dominated all the high school events this postseason, displayed an NBA body and good scoring potential. He also signed on at Oklahoma St, so if he liked Eddie Sutton I like Green. The Jazz need an all-star, and Green is pretty much the best athlete in the draft. Besides, who else are they going to pick here? Anyone who says Channing Frye is the long term solution is smoking the green stuff.

7. Toronto - Ike Diogu, F, Arizona St
Ike gets a chance to play beside Chris Bosh to create a fearsome front line for the Raptors. Bosh desperately needs help, as he will break down quickly with his slender frame. Diogu can take the beating and is better than analysts are predicting. He also is Pac-10 and we have to cheer for him.

8. New York - Fran Vasquez, F, Spain
Yes, he had a bad workout last week. He also is the best big man left in the draft (the only international player I'm going to hype here... maybe the Ukic guy also). New York needs a big man not named Chris Taft. However, I fear Isaih Thomas doing something ridiculously stupid like normal and pick Taft.

9. Golden State - Hakim Warrick, F, Syracuse
Warrick is another player that's been slept on after dominating the college game. He would fit well in the fun and gun offense that Golden State will employ this year. Baron Davis and Jason Richardson running the court feeding this athletic freak will help Golden State be the sleeper we all hope they are.

10. LA Lakers - Raymond Felton, PG, North Carolina
Some have picked Martell Webster as going here, because if there's a need the Lakers have, it's a two guard. Riiiiight. They need a smart point guard who can run the triangle offense. This is a no brainer. Felton is almost a steal at number 10.

11. Orlando - Martell Webster, G, HS
This is where he's been rumored to go for the past three months and I see no reason to change now. Dwight Howard down low and Webster/Francis at the guards will at least make Orlando watchable if not better. I also like everything I read about the kid and forgive him for bagging his opportunity with the Huskies.

12. LA Clippers - Joey Graham, F, Oklahoma St
I should state that I feel the Clippers are going to do something insanely stupid with this pick like choosing a 17 year old center from Russia. After all, they are the Clippers. However, the best pick is another small forward to package with Elton Brand. LA is pretty deep across the board and don't have glaring needs. The best small forward left is Joey Graham, who tested very well, although I don't believe the Shawn Marion references (again, anyone watch this guy in college and think "wow, he's just like The Matrix").

13. Charlotte - Andrew Bynum, C, HS
Time to get a project to eventually tag team with Emeka Okeafor. Bynum can take a year to develop in the NBDL and be up next year. This might seem like a stretch but it's better than what's left. Charlotte needed a point guard and they got it already.

14. Minnesota - Rashad McCants, G, North Carolina
Say what you want about McCants, he can score. The Timberwolves need some additional offensive effort, although sticking a guy with red flags into a team with Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell could be a bad idea. I trust Dwayne Casey though and McCants could be the final answer to the nagging question of the yin to Kevin Garnett's yang.

15. New Jersey - Charlie Villanueva, C, Connecticutt
Villanueva has come across as a lazy bum, which would mix well with Vince Carter. However, New Jersey desperately needs inside help after trading their entire Kenyon Martin-less front line for the aforementioned Carter. Villanueva has loads of talent, and if New Jersey can tap into it this would be a steal of a pick.

16. Toronto - Antoine Wright, G, Texas A&M
I have to admit, I didn't watch this guy much. He never stood out in any A&M games I saw this past year. However, he appears to be pretty good, and Toronto (especially if they trade Morris Peterson) could use another two guard, eventually to replace Jalen Rose. Wright is the best available player.

17. Indiana - Francisco Garcia, G, Louisville
Indiana is going to be the surprise team in the league next year once everyone's back and healthy. Garcia is basically a Reggie Miller prototype, from the body size to the leadership to the ability to draw cheap fouls. I love his game, and as a closet Pacers fan can't wait to see Indiana have some actual offense next year. No more of this boring 79-70 crap. Anything else is like the Cowboys drafting D-linemen after their offense is putrid. Dumb.

18. Boston - Ryan Gomes, F, Providence
Gomes was one of the top five players in the country before last season, where he didn't actually struggle, he just didn't stand out. He has great inside/out capability and the Celtics could use a small forward to pair with Al Jefferson inside. This feels like a solid match.

19. Memphis - Julius Hodge, G, North Carolina St
I'm not that big of a Hodge fan. He's skinny and has a weak jump shot. However, he does have heart, plays above himself, and would fit well into the Grizzlies scheme, beccause that's all they do. I don't see him as a point guard, but he would be able to post anyone up. Anyone.

20. Denver - Luther Head, G, Illinois
This team needs outside shooting badly. I mean badly. Head is off many people's boards, but he is the best shooter left (outside of Salim Stoudamire), and can create his own shot (unlike Salim Stoudamire). He also has good leadership and defensive abilities.

21. Phoenix - Johan Petro, C, France
All Phoenix needs is a 7 footer who can run the floor. I don't even want to think about guarding Amare Stoudamire and company with that. Simply nuts. Such a no-brainer pick for them.

22. Denver - Martynas Andriuskevicius, F, Europe
With the NBDL and a solid roster, the Nuggets can afford to draft a 7-3 forward with Dirk Nowitzki potential for the future. He looks good... and now that we can see him play instead of sit on a bench this would be an excellent pick.

23. Sacramento - Ronny Turiaf, F, Gonzaga
Sacramento needs a banger, someone who will play defense, not always shoot, grab some offensive rebounds, and help Brad Miller not look like a fairy complaining every game. Turiaf would bring all of that and more. He wouldn't be looked to as a low post scorer. He will rebound with the best of them, play tenacious defense, and just needs to stay out of foul trouble.

24. Houston - Jarrett Jack, PG, Georgia Tech
I'm going to swap Chad Ford's picks here and I do have a good reason why. Mike James is not a great point guard. Jeff Van Gundy desperately needs a good point guard to run the offense through Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. Someone has to be able to set Yao up in the post with a good pass. Jack can do this and still add good scoring.

25. Seattle - Wayne Simien, F, Kansas
What a good pick this would be for us. Simien and Collison would provide us with solid bangers down low and Simien could not only play defense and rebound but also hit foul shots (hello Reggie Evans). We need something down low and Simien would give us another guy who can lay wood on Ginobili but also add a scoring threat. I don't know why this guy's stock has fallen so far... again, just watch him dominate in college.

26. Detroit - Nate Robinson, G, Washington
Yes, I've been hard on Nate. Yes, he's not worth a first round pick. However, what does Detroit need? An exciting bench. Robinson would bring that in spades. He could be the energizer that they lack and hopefully spell the load that Richard Hamilton and Chauncey Billups carry each and every game.

27. Utah - Channing Frye, C, Arizona
This is where Frye should go, not in the top 10. He's got good ability, and can add some scoring and rebounding. However, don't hold your breath on his defense and body size. Still, if anyone can use him effectively, it's Jerry Sloan, and Carlos Boozer can bang with the big boys instead of Frye.

28. San Antonio - Jason Maxiell, F, Cincinatti
Maxiell dominated both predraft camps. What more does he need to do? He is a defensive minded scorer who plays within himself in team basketball. Sounds like a perfect fit for the Spurs as the rich get richer.

29. Miami - Salim Stoudamire, G, Arizona
Why has this guy's name not been mentioned in the first round? Yes, he may have trouble creating his own shot but he hits more shots with a hand in his face than I've ever seen. He is simply insane and would provide scoring off the bench for Miami and the depth if Dwayne Wade ever goes down. If Miami had Stoudamire they would not have lost to the Pistons.

30. New York - Chris Taft, C, Pittsburgh
I do this only because it makes me laugh. Although if Taft corrals his potential he can be great. However he has given no insight into his ability to do so. Isaiah Thomas will do something stupid here. That is guaranteed.

Well, there it is! Looking forward (sorta) to what all happens tomorrow!

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