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Monday, June 13, 2005

The NBA is going down...

Read this good update by Mark Stein on the labor battle in the NBA. This makes no sense to any of us that have paid attention to the areas of concern. There is nothing like a salary cap or any type of dramatic policy change that would make a lockout possible. It's number of guaranteed years or an age limit or any number of negotiated NUMBERS! Can grown men actually agree on billions of dollars?

Note to union head Billy Hunter... you are on the wrong side of the casual fan. We don't want to pay money for teams to sign 18 year old "prospects" to sit on the bench and flirt. We don't want to pay money for teams to sign players to huge seven year deals only for them to get injured and wreck us for years. We want there to be basketball next year. The union hasn't disagreed with the stories about concessions which have been made, mainly from the owners! Interesting note from Mark as well, noting that most players/veterans he's talked to aren't that fired up about the bargaining notes as well. This is an inexcusable process, and I will find Hunter more at fault.

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