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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NBA Draft Thoughts

I have to say at the outset that I am one disappointed Sonics fan. I'll get into that more, but that disappointment might make this whole post slightly more bitter... my apologies.

Note: My guess in parentheses besides real pick

1. Milwaukee - Andrew Bogut, C, Utah (Marvin Wiliams)
He's... okay. He will not carry a team. He will be a decent center. An All-Star? I doubt it. Milwaukee has many more needs than this.

2. Atlanta - Marvin Williams, F, North Carolina (Chris Paul)
Atlanta doesn't need Williams, since they have three guys now playing the same position, including Josh Childress and Al Harrington. I know Williams has some skills, but he is still pretty raw. Childress and Williams have the ability to be multidimensional and hopefully can present some solid matchup problems. I thought they needed a point guard, but they solved that with taking Salim Stoudamire in the second round.

3. Utah - Deron Williams, PG, Illinois (Andrew Bogut-Portland)
Utah gets a solid point guard that Jerry Sloan will love. He plays the style of game that the Jazz employ, is an excellent defender, and has the size to post up most point guards (Luke Ridnour).

4. New Orleans - Chris Paul, PG, Wake Forest (Sean May)
I still don't like this pick. Dan Dickau was almost brilliant for them in the second half of the year and Sean May would have replaced PJ Brown. They did pick Brandon Bass in the second round, who is an undersized power forward, but I believe they needed more size. However, Chris Paul is an undeniable talent, so it's not like they lost out on this pick.

5. Charlotte - Raymond Felton, PG, North Carolina (Deron Williams)
Excellent pick. They needed a point guard and Felton fit that need. I would have taken May here, but as you will see below, Charlotte got both. Basically, Charlotte is a huge winner in this draft after being so unlucky in the lottery. Congrats to Bernie Bickerstaff. That young core will play some exciting basketball.

6. Portland - Martell Webster, G, HS (Gerald Green-Utah)
Portland could have gone either way here... Webster or Gerald Green. Both are NBA ready guards with good shooting touch. Since I'm from Seattle, I like this pick, and wish Webster the best. He obviously made the right choice to pass on UW.

7. Toronto - Charlie Villanueva, C, Connecticut (Ike Diogu)
Look at the two names above. Who would you rather have? Lazy versus fearsome. This was an insane pick. Sam Mitchell will rip Villanueva apart. If they can tap his talent, this will prove us wrong, but he hasn't yet. However, the Raptors did have a good econd pick (see below) and got a steal with PG Roko Ukic in the second round.

8. New York - Channing Frye, C, Arizona (Fran Vasquez)
I give up. The world has lost it. Since when was Frye the next coming of Tim Duncan? He wins the award for most overhyped player in this draft. I like him, but he is not THE answer in New York. Poor pick.

9. Golden State - Ike Diogu, F, Arizona St (Hakim Warrick)
I said Hakim Warrick, but no way Golden State should have passed on Diogu. Great pick, adding some size and strength to a finesse team. This will allow Troy Murphy to focus more on his offense and let Diogu clean up the paint.

10. LA Lakers - Andrew Bynum, C, HS (Raymond Felton)
Ummm... did someone not get the memo that the Lakers just hired Phil Jackson? Aren't they supposed to win now? Drafting a HS center is probably not the fastest way of getting there. A point guard would have been nicer. Who exactly is running the triangle? Kobe? Permit me to hold my sides laughing for a while.

11. Orlando - Fran Vasquez, F, Spain (Martell Webster)
Well, I suppose since I had this guy going higher I should call this a good pick. However, I don't know who the heck this guy really is and Orlando needed another guard to score. Whatever. A "C" pick.

12. LA Clippers - Yaroslov Korolev, F, Russia (Joey Graham)
Permit me to steal from my mock draft for a second... "I should state that I feel the Clippers are going to do something insanely stupid with this pick like choosing a 17 year old center from Russia. After all, they are the Clippers." Not much more to add to this. Insanely stupid.

13. Charlotte - Sean May, C, North Carolina (Andrew Bynum)
Steal of the draft so far. Like I said before, Felton, May, and Okeafor are going to play some exciting basketball. May will pair with Emeka quite nicely inside, providing some scoring that the former UConn star can't. I love the way May plays and look forward to watching it translate into a successful NBA career.

14. Minnesota - Rashad McCants, G, North Carolina (Rashad McCants)
Look! I got one right! Still find it funny to throw a guy with attitude issues onto a team with Spree and Cassell. Those are probably not the best role models. Will provide a good scoring threat and perhaps can finally be a sidekick for KG. Can't play any defense, which Dwayne Casey won't like.

15. New Jersey - Antoine Wright, G, Texas A&M (Charlie Villanueva)
Don't know this guy, but many people like him. Frankly, if you play college ball and don't stand out, I don't think you're worth a pick in the top fifteen of the draft. Antoine Wright didn't stand out, although A&M was a surprise team. Just my thoughts.

16. Toronto - Joey Graham, F, Oklahoma St (Antoine Wright)
So this is the guy that the scouts were all salivating over. He never really impressed me that much in all the games I saw him in. He seemed to disappear in many of the big NCAA games that Ok St played. Prone to foul problems and with a suspect outside shot. However, he jumped really high and NBA teams will apparently hand over millions of dollars for that.

17. Indiana - Danny Granger, F, New Mexico (Francisco Garcia)
I have a confession to make. I forgot about Granger when I did this mock draft. If I hadn't, I probably would have had Indiana make this pick. Granger has good offensive abilities, decent tools, and thankfully isn't a project for an Indiana team desperately lacking scoring punch. Still... he is another "tools" guy who managed to impress scouts with a lot of running and leaping. Did anyone happen to catch the NCAA game where New Mexico couldn't get the ball in the basket? Didn't see Granger taking names in that one. As I write this I like this pick a little less. Basically, I'm an ignorant tool.

18. Boston - Gerald Green, G, HS (Ryan Gomes)
Boston will be one of the biggest winners in this draft, especially because they snagged Ryan Gomes in the second round. Green could easily have been a top 10 pick, and is just as good as Martell Webster. He will provide Boston another NBA ready teen to play with Al Harrington. I like the way the Celtics' roster is turning out.

19. Memphis - Hakim Warrick, F, Syracuse (Julius Hodge)
Not a big fan of this pick and I really like Hakim Warrick. I just don't think he's a good fit in the Grizzlies system. They play a slow half court game predicated on passing and defense. Warrick runs the floor and finishes well. He plays only so-so defense. Just don't think he's the answer for a Grizzlies team in search of a go-to scorer.

20. Denver - Julius Hodge, G, NC State (Luther Head)
So a team with a terrible need for outside shooting picks the WORST shooter in the draft. Hodge's jump shot is not exactly a work of art. His "hustle" impressed enough people to jump him into the first round. He will be able to post up other guards, but not exactly sure how this impacts the Nuggets.

21. Phoenix - Nate Robinson, G, Washington (Johan Petro)
Well, if there's one team that Nate Robinson can fit with, it's the Phoenix Suns. He doesn't have to play defense and can run circles around other teams on offense. It's rumored that he will be going to New York, which would not be as good, since he would play behind Stefan Marbury. Not a great fit. In Phoenix, super fit.

22. Denver to Portland - Jarrett Jack, PG, Georgia Tech (Martynas Andriuskevicius)
Before Denver traded this pick to Portland I liked it, since Jack can shoot from the outside and would be a solid backup to Andre Miller. Now Jack will be a solid backup to Sebastian Telfair and is a good sign that Portland is parting ways with Damon Stoudamire. Well, less pot will be smoked around the Rose Garden.

23. Sacramento - Francisco Garcia, G, Louisville (Ronny Turiaf)
Is this really what the Kings needed? Garcia can score, is an okay defender, but will get pushed around. He can't create his own shot well. The Kings are going to lose in the playoffs again to a team like Seattle that outrebounds them and plays better defense. My earliest preseason guarantee.

24. Houston - Luther Head, G, Illinois (Jarrett Jack)
I called that Houston needed a guard! Head is an excellent fit for Houston. He is pretty unselfish, can shoot better than James, and hopefully will help Houston score over 80 points in many games. The big question still remains... can Luther Head feed Yao Ming in the post? He also didn't play point guard much at Illinois, so will have to cut down on turnovers.

25. Seattle - Johan Petro, C, France (Wayne Simien)
Just what we needed. A French center. Hopefully he doesn't surrender in the paint. Wayne Simien? Still on the board. Jason Maxiell? Still on the board. What? Rick Sund? What? Yes, we may lose both Jerome James and Vitaly Potapenko. Does that mean we shouldn't try and replace Reggie Evans? Petro will need a few years of grooming. Super.

26. Detroit - Jason Maxiell, F, Cincinatti (Nate Robinson)
This is a perfect fit for Detroit. A player who can play great defense, a good wingspan, a rebounder, and a guy who will hit from the foul line. This is one of my favorite picks of the first round.

27. Portland to Denver - Linas Kleiza, F, Missouri (Channing Frye)
And Denver gets another player who won't hit threes for them. Absolutely no idea why they traded Jarrett Jack for this guy and a HS prospect. They must decide that they don't need threes, or that once they get that one player (I totally forget his name) back from the injured list the need will be filled.

28. San Antonio - Ian Mahinmi, F, France (Jason Maxiell)
Look, I'll be honest. I have no idea who this guy is. Should I doubt the Spurs now, after Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili? Probably not.

29. Miami - Wayne Simien, F, Kansas (Salim Stoudamire)
This is a good pick if they lose Udonis Haslem in the free agent market. Still, they lack depth at the two guard and Salim would have made more sense to me. Simien is a good player and will add an inside scoring threat off the bench. He's also a really nice guy and I like to see them succeed.

30. New York - David Lee, F, Florida (Chris Taft)
David Lee is one of the players who hustled a lot in the predraft camps and made scouts like him. While I appreciate the hustle, I saw Lee play a few times last year and was thoroughly unimpressed. He gets to join the rest of the undersized power forwards who can't finish that comprise the New York Knicks roster. Congratulations.

Second Round Steals:
Atlanta - Salim Stoudamire - best shooter in the draft
LA Clippers - Daniel Ewing - solid fundamental player will be good off the bench
LA Lakers - Ronny Turiaf - Some actual defense and rebounding for the Lakers!
Toronto - Roko Ukic - most mock drafts had him in the top twenty
Orlando - Martynas Andriuskevicius - With the NBDL, this player has Nowitzki upside
Boston - Ryan Gomes - when you get a possible starter at 50, you've done well
Seattle - Lawrence Roberts - this saved the draft for me. Anyone see him dominate Stanford?

Grades to come tomorrow!

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