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Monday, June 27, 2005

M's Weekly Thoughts

Not a super week, as the sweep of the Mets pales in comparison to the absurdly poor series against the A's and Padres. The lesson? We are a mediocre team and aren't going to be in contention this year. Why aren't we as good?

1. Adrian Beltre doesn't hit home runs and starts in terrible slump.
2. Richie Sexson strikes out at awful rate, although at least with good HR and RBI production.
3. Bret Boone goes into the tank.
4. Ichiro hits under .300.
5. Jeremy Reed has rookie struggles.
6. Joel Piniero is done or injured.
7. Jamie Moyer is done and inconsistent.
8. Aaron Sele is Aaron Sele.
9. Jeff Nelson is used too often.
10. Matt Thornton.
11. Bobby Madritsch goes down in his first start.

Most other players have been at or near expected levels. Regardless, I missed a few of these, and everyone missed most of these. Anyways, on to the thoughts.

1. Jeff Nelson wants to come back next year? The article treats his performance this year as a rebirth akin to the Messiah. The author apparently doesn't actually watch any M's games. Nelson, come back next year, but on the Angels staff.

2. The M's continue giving up the long ball. This is a recurring theme to the year. Our pitchers are good enough to avoid sustained rallies, but always give up go ahead or gamebreaking home runs. I can name many games off the top of my head. It's a curse. How the heck do we allow that many home runs at Petco to the Padres?

3. Adrian Beltre is starting to look pretty good. Ever since he pulled the hammy (and really the week before that as well) he is starting to lay off that outside slider and work the count better. He always was seeing a lot of pitches, but was letting pitchers get him out. Now he is consistently getting good wood on the ball, and just missed a few bombs the past week. They'll start coming soon.

4. Rene Rivera is an exciting young player. I know we're about to bring Wiki Gonzalez back up again, which probably means that's it for Rivera, which is pathetic considering how good he's been. I'm looking forward to Rivera and Jeff Clement anchoring our pitching staff for years.

5. Mike Morse is making a believer out of me. He has an excellent idea of the strike zone and is looking more comfortable in the field, i.e. fewer boneheaded plays. It's hard to argue with a young player consistently hitting the ball to the opposite field with power.

6. Jose Lopez looks far less lost this year than last. He looks confident and even made some swell plays in the field. Between Rivera, Morse and Lopez, who says that the M's can't develop position players?

7. Please Lord, let the rumors be true about Winn and Boone. I was truly excited about the series Boone had against the Padres, because some yutz is going to give us way too much to take him off our hands. Who better than Kevin Towers, who appears to use us as a farm system and vice versa.

8. Our starting rotation is weak sauce. Weak sauce. Who do you really feel confident about? Gil Meche is the only name for me, and he's still pretty inconsistent. Franklin and Piniero need to be out.

9. Scott Spiezio is about to return. Just what we needed.

10. The young players are creating a buzz. Let's make the moves to keep them up here and keep it going.

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