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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

M's Weekly Thoughts

One day late... but a lot to think about...

1. The youngsters are what is giving us a winning "attitude". Thank you David Locke for that ridiculous article last week. Our young group of Jeremy Reed, Michael Morse, Rene Rivera, and Jose Lopez have looked very good, much improved over the poor production of "winners" like Bret Boone.

2. Our bullpen is not as good as the numbers indicate. Last night's loss was simply another wart on what will be a steady issue as long as Jeff Nelson and Matt Thornton remain as members. I'm hoping they're just waiting until Rafael Soriano and George Sherril are healthy.

3. JJ Putz looks better. He's throwing with more confidence and looks less afraid of being inside. He and Mateo have the best stuff and need to be given the chance in the 8th inning instead of the aforementioned Nelson.

4. Michael Morse is starting to look comfortable in the field. He's actually made several nice plays the past few games, especially while working with Jose Lopez (who looks like he's going to fit in nicely at second).

5. Bret Boone needs to find a hole to hide in. Mike Hargrove says the job's his when he returns. To that I swear loudly and find a hole to dump Hargrove in. I can only hope they believe Boone will hit better to the point of being able to trade him at the deadline.

6. Prediction time... with the youngsters in and performing well it is time for Randy Winn to cool off. He'll be down to .265 in two weeks. That's why we should trade him now.

7. Felix Hernandez is being babied. This is not a Meche-like injury. He'll be back shortly.

8. The Mets sweep is the highlight of the season, with finally beating Pedro... because of the kids!

9. I like calling rookies "kids" even though we're the same age.

10. Ron Fairly needs to go away.

11. Rick Rizzs made a nice catch. I hope he broke his hand.

12. Reed's catch was the play of the year. That was nucking futs.

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