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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

M's Thoughts

So the Seattle P-I puts out a really dumb article regarding Miguel Olivo, Chris Snelling, and Jamal Strong and how they are stuck at AAA, waiting for the Mariners to call. This is stupid for so many reasons... let's go through a couple.

1. Miguel Olivo has sucked worse than Ben Davis. He isn't hitting at AAA either.

2. Jamal Strong is another speedy outfielder with no power. How many of them do we need?

3. Chris Snelling has been injured forever. Now he's healthy and better than Randy Winn. Start the Free Chris Snelling blog!

Essentially there are easy stories to tell with all of these players. Whatever the point was of the article needs to be avoided. Still, it is time to bring up Snelling. Why does Jeremy Reed get the ability to struggle? Bring up Snelling!

Colin: Seriously, who wrote this garbage? Snelling is a viable prospect who can hit and plays with an abundance of energy. Strong could be a bench player, but has no other options on the M's, while Olivo was hitting .146. That's pathetic. Don't be surprised at being sent down with those sort of stats, Olivo. It should bother you that a 42 year old and a youngster from AA are outplaying you in every facet of your game. Concentrate on that, alright, my man?

Second thought... reading the top 10 prospect list that the Seattle P-I comes out with every week really irritates me. Why is that, Gavin? Well, it's mainly because how many of these players represent upgrades over the crap we have at many positions. Mediocre crap. Like Randy Winn and Ryan Franklin. Five of the top 10 should be in the league NOW. Felix Hernandez has a 2.53 ERA. Bring him up. Chris Snelling has a .467 OBP. Bring him up. Jose Lopez is batting .333. Bring him up. How hard is this? Do we honestly feel that we are competing for a playoff spot? Please... no... bad.

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