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Friday, June 24, 2005

M's, Gotta Love 'Em

Nice article by Art Thiel on the horrible series just put up by the M's against the A's. What is the difference between these two franchises? Here are my top two reasons:

1. Young starting pitching - Oakland has had an amazing run of drafting prodigious pitching talent, nurturing them, and getting them to succeed in the bigs. Young starting pitching can make up for a number of lineup flaws, and Oakland, with Hudson, Zito, Mulder, Haren, Blanton, and Harden, keeps them coming on a consistent basis. The Mariners have no answer for this besides Felix and possibly Bobby Livingston. It looks like this year's draft might be a starting place to improve in this area, but you don't know.

2. Going with AAA talent instead of overpriced veterans - I believe the guys at USSMariner talked about this a couple of days ago. The talent gap from AAA to the bigs is not as large as people think. Prominent example - the A's go with someone like Nick Swisher or Marco Scutaro over buying big with an Scott Spiezio or a Rich Aurilia. The young guys seem to have a lot more energy, and they get better during the season, while vets like Aurilia actually get worse and tire down as the season goes along. The answer for this problem would be to, once again, put your faith in guys like Snelling, Lopez, and Reed instead of binging on another high-priced free-agent.

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