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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

M's Blogosphere Gripe

Why is it that most of the "main informative" M's blogs post almost nothing daily, other than opening game post links? Sports and B's and Lookout Landing have to be my favorites for actually giving me regular insight. Most other sites have consistent lags on posts. How hard is it to post on why Bret Boone blows every day? It should be easy!

Also, I can't find more Seahawks or Sonics related blogs. Where are they?

Colin: Don't mind Gavin. He's still upset that "24" is on hiatus until next January. Without his role model, Jack Bauer, his testosterone gets out of whack. It's a serious problem.

Gavin: I do miss "24". However, I do have new episodes of "Family Guy" so I'm sitting pretty. Sunday's episode with the Bachelorette rip-off was hilarious, but the Keebler Elves versus Snap, Crackle, and Pop is my favorite moment of the new season so far.

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