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We are twin brothers who grew up in Central Washington. This blog is devoted to the life of Seattle sports fans, as well as various other topics that we will espouse for your enjoyment. We could be called another OFFICIAL SEATTLE SEAHAWKS site, but we'll take our uneducated crack at the Mariners, Sonics, and Huskies as well. A Seattle Sports Blog? Must be the land... of crushed optimism!

Monday, June 06, 2005

More Links....

There was a very interesting comment conversation over at Sports and Bremertonians today that caused me to add several sites to our link bar over on the right. I had just been lazy with it, but these are all terrific sites filled with true Mariners fans. I also deleted the political blog links. When we started this site, Gavin and I thought we might talk politics a little. Well, no. Do you care about what I think about the filibuster? Heck, I don't even care what I think about the filibuster. This site is a little more pleasant than most political blogs, which can tend to be a tad overbearing and contrary.

Go visit these sites every once in a while. Heck, Mariner Musings has the exact same layout as we do, so it will seem like you never left! In the meantime, Crushed Optimists will endeavor to retain your visits with commentary that is anything but expert but everything about being a true Seattle sports fan.

Final thought that I will blog about more later: Can anyone imagine a more boring NBA finals matchup than the Detroit Pistons against the San Antonio Spurs? Holy cow, what an incredibly boring series THAT will be. Almost makes me pine for the Lakers. Almost.

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