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Friday, June 10, 2005

More About The M's

Is the offense on track? Well, no. What about the rotation, are they shaping up to be consistent? Again, negative. And the bullpen? Jeff Nelson is still the "premier" set-up man.

However, behind all that, the Mariners have played pretty good baseball after being swept in Baltimore. They have won 4 series in a row, including 1 against a pretty good Toronto team and 1 against a very good Marlins team, albeit a struggling one.

How impressive, to me, was this previous series win? In Game 1, we had zero hits with runners in scoring position.... and won. In Game 2, we hit the D-Train hard, and Florida needed Delgado to come up with an amazing performance to win. In Game 3, in what on paper was the most lopsided pitching matchup one could possibly see with Sele against Josh Beckett, not only did we win, we destroyed them.

My optimism* is not growing in leaps and bounds. However, we have three series coming up that will be a huge barometer of this Mariners team in Washington, Philadelphia, and the Mets. If we can get to the .500 mark by the end of June, I will be excited.

*glimpse of optimism: only 7.5 games back of the Angels. That's right, only 7.5.

Gavin: Since Colin's pretty much taken the key notes to blog on, I'll piggyback on his ride. Unfortunately I didn't have much of a chance to watch the Florida series, but there is no way one goes up against three of the best pitchers (ERA-wise, at least) in the NL and the THREE best home ERA pitchers and takes two out of three without being on a bit of a roll. Two-three weeks ago and we would have loved to have scored three runs total in the series as Adrian Beltre goes 0-everything, Sexson has 12 strikeouts and Raul's 12-18 series goes for naught as Wilson Valdez strikes out with the bases loaded an astounding five times. Reasons for further optimism? Ichiro is mired in a horrendous funk and yet our offense is still beginning to click. This is probably yet another reason why you don't build a team around Ichiro... if you can start a run without him. And I mean completely without him.

And now on to face the Nationals. Praise the Lord we don't have to face Livan Hernandez, because he seems to always do well against us. Instead we can face Esteban Loiza, who we seem to have the number of. Hopefully that continues. The Nationals are really overperforming, and they're due to lose a couple in a row. We just need to finally sweep someone. However, with Ryan Franklin going as one of the starters I'm not holding my breath.

It's great to see Adrian Beltre swinging a better bat, but let's not forget that he is facing pitchers he knows. I seem to remember Jeff Cirillo having an amazing interleague series as well... and we know how that turns out.

Is it me or does Gil Meche whine more than most pitchers? Early in the year his arm was sore. Now it's the height of the mound. Just shut up and pitch.

Six games from .500! Let's make it the rest of the way!

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