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Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday, Monday, Monday

My thoughts from the weekend that was....

-- Goat of the series against the Nationals? Ichiro. Sorry, I love you, but your slump has hit scary territory. It seemed like Morse was continually in scoring position with 2 outs and Ichiro up. Usually this would be a successful propostion, but Ichiro failed on numerous occasions. Honorable mention to the bullpen, who decided that the humidity meant that all of them should have a sucking contest to see which one sucked the most. Terrible series, especially after the great series against Florida.

-- Another two minutes of the NBA finals was watched yesterday. Again, very boring, though I am very surprised at the way San Antonio has dominated this series. Where is the heart of the champs? Again, the Sonics were playing these guys better by the end of the series.

-- On the NBA note, brilliant job by David Stern at getting his message out to the media. He does not want a lockout, but if it happens, he has ensured that the majority of Americans will place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the players.

-- Still nothing on the D-Jack or Boulware front. C'mon, guys, I'm dying to talk some more football here! Do something!

-- On the transplanted front, the ASU Sun Devils baseball team beat the defending NCAA champion Cal-State Fullerton in three games over the weekend, despite the good hitting of Mariner draftee Ronny Prettyman. They came back from a 7-2 deficit yesterday, proving that, yes, baseball teams can come back from a larger deficit. You just wouldn't know it from watching the Mariners. USC is out, freeing up Clement to sign with the M's and get out on the field. I watched him play, and was reasonable impressed.

-- Mike Tyson. Give it up, man. Just give it up.

-- Finally, for anyone who likes golf, I saw perhaps the classiest interview ever by Ben Crane after Rory Sabbatini classlessly played out of turn several times during the last few holes of their round, being booed by the fans on the 18th green. (When is the last time a golfer was booed?) Instead of going after Sabbatini, Crane accepted all the blame, saying that he was playing too slow and Rory was upset about the pair being put under the clock by tour officials because of Crane. Just a class act, and I will be cheering for him from this moment forward.

Have a great Mariner-less Monday!

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