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Thursday, June 16, 2005

MLB Thoughts

A couple of notes as I mull over all things baseball...

This "feud" between Mike Scoscia and Frank Robinson has moved into humorous territory. For Robinson to come out and say all that, "there's nothing he can do, I'll never forgive him" stuff is ridiculous. I also could care less what all these columnists think about it, once I read the tenth article it all started to run together.

Ron Fairly is boring. Yes, we need to score four runs every once in a while. Yes, our pitchers need to keep the ball down. Yes, a trained squirrel would be more entertaining. Yes, his stories have no point.

Mike Hargrove has to be one of the worst interviews ever. I remember fondly every interview with Lou Piniella, where Lou would always look like he just woke up from a beer-induced fog and usually would crack a couple of jokes. Hargrove looks incredibly uncomfortable, in the Al Gore "I have to talk to reporters?" sort of way. Seriously, watch him and wonder where his personality is from.

Carl Everett makes me laugh. "Gays being gay is wrong." Leave it to Everett to sum up his beliefs in an incredibly simple yet offensive way. People like Everett are why we should never listen to sports or entertainment figures for information in regard to our social beliefs.

In regards to Colin's post below... I love Mike Morse's approach at the plate. He has an excellent idea of the strike zone and swings at fewer pitches than either Richie Sexson or Adrian Beltre (of course I include Boone here, but that's a given). I think he has some solid offensive ability. However, his defense is frankly atrocious. Since our pitchers need almost perfect defense, he has already cost us a few games and almost did it again last night in botching the double play. I'm just torn. I think a platoon with him and Pokey Reese will help put us all at ease.

Since I say it every day, let's say it again. Bring Felix Hernandez up. Rob Neyer is the latest to take a look at him. Yes, he might have some control problems. Yes, he also has a 2.30 ERA or so. We let Ryan Franklin pitch all the time and he can't find the plate. Jeff Nelson? Hello? Come on... lame excuse Bavasi.

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