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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mariners 4, Mets (and Pedro Martinez) 1

Break out the champagne. The Mariners have finally, finally, finally, finally, finally beaten Pedro Martinez. This is the new highlight of the season for me. Beltre? Nope, injured. Sexson? Nope, thrown out in the first. Boone? Nope, sucking. Ichiro? No hits. Our cleanup hitter? Willie Bloomquist. And yet....

Winning rally in the 4th: Single by Reed. Double by Lopez. Single by Morse, scoring Reed. Single (stretched into a double) by Hansen, scoring Lopez. Strikeout by Borders. Pop-out by Ichiro. Single by Winn, scoring Morse and Hansen.

What happened? The young 'uns came to play! Lopez looks SO MUCH BETTER than Boone at this point. I'm serious. He even made a terrific defensive play in the top of the 9th for the 2nd out, spearing a line drive by Piazza.

There, for sure, were no games right this last year. Man, take the travesty in Washington, and the M's would be on a roll. An actual roll.

Tomorrow: Glavine vs. Meche. I feel almost optimistic about this. Can we actually sweep a series? Stay tuned.

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