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Thursday, June 16, 2005

John Levesque? What?

So my favorite local sportswriter is at it again, as John Levesque makes the brilliant deduction that an NBA lockout might be good for the sport. Right, losing millions of dollars is ALWAYS a good idea. We have foreign fans now, so it doesn't matter what us Americans think. They're dumb enough to love the sport even if they aren't playing. Yes, I'm oversimplifying his thoughts, but it is incomprehensible to me how one could have this opinion... that and his insistence on getting rid of any notion of an age limit. Why don't we have eight year olds play? Screw child labor laws!
Essentially, Levesque seems to believe that a break is just what the NBA brain trust needs in order to shape the future of the sport. So apparently they won't be negotiating, talking to the media, or hiding in a closet. They'll be planning grandiose trips to Paris and global expansion. What a utopia!
Earth to John... if you don't have a good column idea, write something vapid about the Mariners. That or stick to TV review.

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