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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Jeff Nelson? Jeff Nelson?

I am extremely curious as to the reasoning behind Mike Hargrove continuing to trot out Jeff Nelson and Matt Thornton in pressure situations. Take yesterday for example... Matt Thornton relieves Ryan Franklin with a man on second. Because Thornton has no command of his pitches, he walks the batter. Generally speaking, situational lefties are brought in for one batter and don't have time to find their groove. So then Hargrove brings in Hasegawa in a really bad situation, and Shiggy (because of a great play by Sexson) gets out of the inning. Then we score our two runs in the top of the eighth and Hargrove brings in... Jeff Nelson. This, after bringing in Nellie against the Devil Rays on Sunday to promptly watch him relinquish our lead and get incredibly lucky that it didn't get out of hand. I was hoping that Nelson might, for once this year, have a quick inning. Alas, this was not to be. Nelson decides to suck yet again, have no control, miss over the middle of the plate, and threw in a new wrinkle with the balk. All this to get lucky YET AGAIN and only give up one run, thereby putting more pressure on Guardado.
I fail to understand this. It makes absolutely no sense. George Sherrill has to replace Thornton. Nelson has to leave. He is getting regular work, and it is obvious that he has lost it. Put in Hasegawa or Putz in the eight inning. I almost prefer the home run to the long 3-2 count grueling at-bats that Nelson seems to always have. Time to put him out to pasture (maybe this will finally happen when Rafael Soriano comes back in a month).

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