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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

In the What the Heck Happened Department

What the john was up with the Nationals and Angels last night? So Brandon Donnelly goes out, Frank Robinson asks the umpires to check him, pine tar is found, Donnelly is tossed, Mike Scioscia comes out to yell at Robinson, the benches clear, and order is finally restored... oh yeah, and Jose Guillen hits the winning two run home run the next inning for the Nationals against his former club. This has to be one of the wierder stories of the entire year. Especially Scoscia's complaints, which include:
1. Guillen ratted out his former teammate. Oh, like THAT's never happened before. Guillen has little reason to be loyal to the Angels anyways.
2. Although it's illegal, it's done "all the time" and should just be ignored. I'm getting sick and tired of all these unwritten rules in baseball. I would like them to just play the game the way it's drawn up.
Bottom line: Donnelly cheated. Scioscia was completely out of line. A bunch of fans are confused. Game Three tonight!

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