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Friday, June 17, 2005

I can't believe it!

So if any in the masses out there read my post below on John Levesque, I'd like to point out the last line.

"Earth to John... if you don't have a good column idea, write something vapid about the Mariners."

I open up the PI's website today and what do I find? Morse making fine first impression... by John Levesque. This kills me. The best thing about it? It is incredibly vapid. The same ridiculous A-rod comparisons (NO ONE is allowed to be compared to Alex until they hit .350 and blast 40 home runs in a season. Until then, Morse is unusally large for a shortstop). No statistical analysis. A lot of feel good quotes. My favorite of those was the following... "In 14 games, Morse is hitting .400, playing a creditable shortstop and, with him in the lineup, the Mariners are at last playing .500 ball." Beyond the fact that the word "creditable" does not exist in the English lexicon, Morse is NOT playing a credible shortstop. He is playing a godawful shortstop. A completely lost shortstop. That and all those baserunning errors. Anyways, leave it to Levesque to prove a point for me.

Colin: I have come to the conclusion that John Levesque is, in reality, Chuck Barnes, a balding Canadian who is enjoying an immense practical joke on the population of the Sound. How else do you explain the total disconnect between Seattle sports and Levesque's articles? How does one unmask Chuckers? I don't know, and never will until I actually meet John Levesque and, with my own eyes, see him write an article. Until then, I'm forced to believe in Chuck, and will make up a history for him. Chuck grew up in British Columbia under the watchful eye of a moose and a squirrel, a.k.a. Rocky and Bullwinkle. Chuck then moved to Victoria and, instead of college, started a novelty store selling moose and deer heads and pelts. That proved a disaster, and Chuck moved to Seattle, where he noticed that a television writer position was open. The Chuckster struck, and the rest.... is history. And now you know the rest of the story.

More on Morse from the Seattle Times, who ask a valid question (and one that Colin asked yesterday). Does this make Pokey Reese moot? Answer, no... at least not until Mike is able to field a ground ball and make an accurate throw to Richie Sexson (I mean, seriously, the guy is a freaking giant. Throw it in the general direction and you should be fine). They also barely mention his horrific play, with Mariner coaches calling it "smoother". Smooth like my a$$.

Final small baseball thought again on instant replay... as Skip Bayless has an interesting article on it. I personally love watching managers like Lou Piniella argue bad calls. However, it is bad logic to allow them to yell and scream for five minutes and then whine about instant replay because it'll slow down the game. Give a manager two instant replays again like football and let's be done with it. I'm sick and tired of watching obvious calls get blown. If I know it's wrong, and it changes the game, it should be changed.

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