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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I am the Son of God!

Or so the new starting quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles told officers when he was stopped this past weekend after returning from a Dave Matthews concert. To be honest, he vacillated between saying he was God or the Son of God, which means that Wyatt Sexton obviously has a decent touch on Christian theology of the trinity (hint: they're the same). So let the jokes commence next year when Sexton has to throw a Hail Mary pass. Is the Hand of God annointing the Seminoles as the team that can knock USC off their perch? Do I have to hear the damn hand chop song again and again and again?

It's going to make it fairly interesting with his teammates. Those will be great huddle conversations. "Deep cross on two, split backs, do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Ah, Sports. The gift that keeps on giving.

Colin: I know that Bobby Bowden is fond of quoting Scripture before big games, and is not shy about talking about his faith to his players. However, not sure that Coach will be a fan of this number. Sexton should back off a tad, maybe claim to be Moses or Gabriel, the angel of death? Still, the omnipotence of FSU quarterbacks has been well-documented, with absolutely NONE of them performing well on the next level. Seriously, I forget. Who is the last FSU quarterback to succeed in the NFL? Anyone?

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