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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How a sport can save itself...

The NBA and its union FINALLY agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement today, effectively ending Billy Hunter's idiotic quest for power. Frankly, the owners were enormous winners in this, only giving up outrageous requests that were good bargaining tools. Here's a rundown...

- Age Limit to 19 years. Thank you Jesus. Players at least have to dominate college for one year before moving on. Even if its one year of Carmelo Anthony, it was one heck of a year. Fewer Robert Swifts... who would end up playing two or three years simply to add bulk. Great coup for the commish.

Colin: I second that prayer to our Lord. There is absolutely no reason for 18 year olds to dominate the draft. How many Darko's does it take? Play college ball for one year, hone your craft, and prove yourself with a level of competition better than high school. I also like how this will affect college recruiting. Coaches like John Calipari at Memphis are constantly losing their best players to the draft, and those decisions ruin team futures. Think of Martell Webster. Could Romar have gotten someone else in that class if he had known for sure that Webster was gone? Perhaps.... To me, as a fan, this is the best part of the deal.

- Max contracts down one year to six to resign and five with new team. LeBron James enthusiasts hate this, because they have to worry about resigning their star sooner, but it makes sense. Frankly, they still didn't get a good enough injury clause, but bad contracts saddle teams for years. GMs need more breathing room to get out of their own way.

Colin: I actually wanted a little more here, five to resign and four with a new team, but I will take what I can get. Seven year contracts are just ridiculous, and one bad contract can ruin a team for a good while. Hopefully the next agreement will move this down even more.

- Teams get an extra option year for rookies. This is fabulous, as it means teams can let players develop a bit more before losing them after one good year.

Colin: Think about it. 2nd round picks are unproven, and teams do not want to spend a lot of money on them from the get-go. However, if they prove themselves for a year, we now get the opportunity to have them grow another year. I like this.

Basically, I'm a big fan of this deal, and I'll be a bigger fan of the NBA once they allow the refs to call fouls on the Spurs and the Sonics to win it all.

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