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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hey! I was right about one thing!

Reasons not to listen to Colin:

-- I praise Gil Meche, he lays a stinker.
-- I rip Aaron Sele, he throws an incredible game
-- I predict us to be swept in Florida, we win 2 of 3
-- I predict the Angels to have a better offense than Texas. Ouch.

One reason to listen to Colin:

-- Game 1 of the NBA Finals. I watched all of 2 minutes of this game, and that was enough. Final score: Spurs 84, Pistons 69. This is going to be one of the best finals of all time, Tony Meija? He wasn't alone, as all the guys on "Around the Horn" were raving about this series. I will start to rave about this series.... when fun basketball begins to be played. I mean, the Phil Jackson story is getting more airtime than the NBA finals! That's bad news.

Update: I'm not alone. Bill Simmons does a running blog, and even he is bored by the middle of the 2nd quarter.

2nd Update: Add Steve Kelley to the list of people that found Game 1 absolutely atrocious, and says that this is the worst thing that could happen to a sport that is possibly headed for a lockout.

Gavin: I watched zero minutes of Game 1 and I plan on matching that total for Game 2. Why exactly should it be exciting solid basketball to watch two incredibly poorly playing offensive teams battle it out? Why is it exciting to watch more non-calls? The refs need to start calling every hand check they can, get Bruce Bowen and Manu Ginobili out of games, and let people drive to the basket. I want solid half-court game, plenty of steals, high flying dunks, and walk-off twenty footers with three seconds to go. As Kelley and Simmons state, we haven't had that since Michael Jordan in the NBA. We would have had it this year if Phoenix had made it (and if they even thought about the word defense). Another year for the new styles (Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas) to firm up and hopefully they can knock the boring plodders off the high horse. I got excited about the NBA again because of real basketball being played, not this crap. And for those who point to low baseball scores... watching someone like Roger Clemens strike out Gary Sheffield on a 3-2 pitch is insanely more entertaining.

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