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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hawks Thoughts

As mini-camp opens up today, a few thoughts come to mind...

Mike Holmgren was "moved to tears" by the release of Koren Robinson. While I applaud his desire to help a talented guy move beyond his own problems, at some point it does become a business. Koren got way more opportunities. Holmgren should have been mad. Upset. Why did Koren throw away this shot after recognizing a week earlier that it would be his last? Idiots like that need to be tossed out of our organization.

Speaking of idiots, Darrell Jackson is holding out "on principle" because of some agreement with Bob Whitsitt that has not been upheld. First off, Whitsitt has been fired. Hopefully Jackson has realized that. Secondly, Jackson is already overpaid. Thirdly, he drops way too many passes. What amount of money is worth this? If he holds out for a while, then shows up and starts dropping balls again we need to cut him.

Finally, we do not yet have Peter Boulware. Why do we not yet have Peter Boulware? Yes, he may not be the same player. Yes, we need him. At least make him an offer...

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