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Friday, June 17, 2005

Hawks notes

Couple of quick notes on Seattle.

Art Thiel has a good article agreeing with Chike Okeafor's statements regarding our heart, at least in regards to last season. He then details quite effectively why that was true last year and may not be true this year. Suffice it to say, as Colin and I have multiple times, we have added through subtraction without losing a tremendous amount of talent at key positions. It's possible for Chike to shut up at some point, though, at least until Arizona can reach the .500 mark. Such a breath of fresh air, utter mediocrity. So much better than a division title.

Also like hearing about how our draft picks are doing. A few scouts had picked Doug Nienhus (that tackle from Oregon St) as a solid late round pick and at first glance they could be right. Also, notice the blurb on Marcus Tubbs sticking Chris Spencer on his back during a scrimmage. Tubbs is a huge x-factor for me this year. If he plays like a first round pick our defense will really take a giant step forward.

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