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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Game 7 - Go Time?

Yes, it has been an extremely boring series. And, yes, it is still the Spurs and the Pistons. But it is also Game 7 of a championship series, and, as a sports fan, I would be remiss in not watching and looking for several defining moments such as these:

-- Hubie Brown actually revealing his cyborg innards
-- Rasheed Wallace howling at the moon, then making a clutch 3.
-- Chauncy Billups laying waste to Tony Parker
-- Many sad faces by one Tim Duncan as he misses another free-throw
-- Manu flopping, then getting up waving his arms and looking at the refs with disbelief at the non-call
-- Fantasy-land happens, where the refs call a good game and don’t decide the champion of the NBA
-- Larry Brown leaves in the 3rd quarter to coach the Milwaukee Bucks
-- David Stern singing the national anthem, then shouting, “Suck it!” to the assembled players. “I am the TRUE champion! Bow down to me!”

Watch with me and wonder….

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