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Friday, June 17, 2005

From the "Freaking Finally" Department

Bill "call ups? we don't need no stinking call ups" Bavasi finally made the second of four necessary moves up from AAA today, sending Greg Dobbs down in favor of Jose Lopez. Perhaps he's been reading this blog for a while, because of how badly this move has needed to be made. The interesting question will be how this impacts Bret Boone's playing time. I was listening to Bill Krueger before the game, and he speculates that the M's are going to shut Boone down for a while and give him a chance to clear his head. I hope they just designate him for assignment or something similar.

Lopez has done nothing but prove our point this first game. In his second at-bat he singles and I think "Boone will weakly fly out". Done. Then the moment of truth happens. Man in scoring position with two outs and Lopez up. In my mind, "Boone would weakly fly out here". So Lopez bangs a double to the gap. Then Boone steps up with a man in scoring position and two outs and... weakly flies out. Is this what David Locke meant by an "aura of winning"? This is just a CLASSIC series of events. Classic. I'm still laughing. It's time for Boone to go.

Colin: So, I'm watching the game down in Phoenix, and Lopez hits that double. As Boone walks up to the plate, I laugh and say to my wife, "If Boone flies out, I'm immediately calling Gavin." What happens? A pop-out. Gavin and I tried to call each other at the same time and got a busy signal. Just one of those perfect moments when you realize that, for once, you were RIGHT. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! Don't get me wrong. I appreciate all of what Boone has done in a M's uniform. Until this year he played stellar defense, and he was the best player (arguably) on our 2001 team for the ages. I thank him for those years and for some wonderful memories. However, he is done. Same thing happened to Robby Alomar, who was one of the best second baseman I have and probably ever will see. One year he was incredible, he went to the Mets, and he was done. Done. Lopez's time, for better or worse, has come.

Update: 8th inning... Lopez makes a solid leaping catch on a ball hit by Jose Reyes. For those watching the game, Boone had a ball go off his glove on a leap earlier in the game and Ron "Boring" Fairly actually said that Boone last year would have made that play. So we have both offensive and defensive proof in one game. Of course Lopez did make that error on the ball hit by Cliff Floyd... but being at second will mitigate that problem.

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