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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Foreign Players Have Potential

Mock Draft, Round Three... Bigger, Badder, and Still Lousy

I can't wait for the NBA draft to be over, just so I can laugh at the number of teams reaching in the first round. In my humble opinion, you could pick one of about 35 players anywhere after pick number five and get the same talent level. That's why I like where the Sonics are... cause they won't get much better.

Alright, on to the highlights...

1. Milwaukee - Andrew Bogut
Let's think about this. A large white center scores at the bottom of the charts in athleticism in Chicago and is the best player in the draft? What, Shawn Bradley isn't available in a trade? Also remember this... with Andrew Bogut comes the Bogut-stache, which reminds me of girls I knew in high school with facial hair.

3. Portland - trade to anyone
Portland obviously agrees with me, they can trade down to the 13th pick and still get someone good. Since they don't need a point guard, it makes a ton of sense. I'd say that a shooting guard would be best for the Trail Blazers, or basically anyone who doesn't abuse dogs or smoke marijuana.

6. Utah - Channing Frye
What? Loser says what? Channing Frye? Chad says to "call it a hunch." I'd say to "call him a jacket". How in blazes did this player become a top-ten pick? Who decided this? I could push him around.

9. Golden State - Ike Diogu
Here's my favorite line... "The Warriors want Frye or Granger, but if those two are off the board, they'll look for the next-best power forward". Danny Granger (tools but no skills) and Channing Frye (skills but no tools) are better than Ike Diogu? In Bizzaro World. Where is Sean May? Did anyone watch the NCAA Tournament?

11. Orlando - Sean May
Thought I'd throw this out there since I'd mentioned it below. Martell Webster is actually going one slot earlier now to the Lakers, basically to defer to Kobe and hamper his development for a few years. Good times (hint to Mitch Kupchak - get a point guard who can run the triangle). Anyways, Sean May is the best inside offensive player in this draft. He may not be an all-star, but you will not regret drafting him.

12. LA Clippers - Yaroslav Korolev
There are reasons why the Clippers are the worst run franchise in the league. One great reason is they could spend a draft pick on a 17 year old Russian. The Clippers need some more offensive help desperately to package with Shawn Livingston and Elton Brand. Someone who will help draw fans to the NBDL isn't the answer - use second round picks for that.

16 and 17 - Prospects for the Raptors and Pacers. Two of the WORST offensive teams in the league do absolutely nothing about upgrading said offense in the next three years. Nice work, Chaddy.

19. Memphis - Julius Hodge
I'm all about heart. I have it in spades. I always gave 110 percent. And that's why I started on our freshman C squad team. Hodge has talent and heart. He also would lose a game of HORSE to Charles Oakley or Dennis Rodman. His jumper is just that bad.

25. Seattle - Jarrett Jack
Alright, I still like this guy, but anyone who thinks that we need another guard before inside help deserves to be Billy Hunter's PR manager. We need Wayne Simien, going to the Rockets again one pick earlier. We need Diogu. We don't need the 8th best point guard. Note on this though... last year Jack would have been the best point guard in the draft. It's depth like this which is why we are not completely out of the pack when it comes to resigning Antonio Daniels.

28. San Antonio - Charlie Villanueva
This would be classic... the only player with a better face than the "Tim Duncan Sad Face" is Charlie Villanueva's "Jim Calhoun's About To Yell At Me About Effort Again" face. What a fun combo this would be.

All in all there are few impact players. Also, no Will Conroy in the first round. What's up with that?

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