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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fantasy Update - Saturday (Let the massacre continue)

Remember how Colin predicted that he was going to get rocked this week? Remember how you are always supposed to predict the opposite of whatever he does? Right...

So Colin continues to smoke me this week, up 8-3, winning in the same categories and actually lengthening his leads to absurd territories.

Yesterday also sucked as yahoo didn't make the changes I told it to make so I missed out on both Junior homers and the Ortiz bomb. Ouch.

So... highlights for Colin:
Jim Edmonds (2 HRs), 2 Runs, 4 RBI, 8 TB
Manny Ramirez continues his sick week with another 3 run home run and 5 TB
Eric Chavez goes 2-4 with a run

For me... let's see...
Bobby Crosby hit a solo shot...
Pat Burrell didn't strike out in ALL his at-bats

It is just not my week the past few days. So far today's not looking that great either. Pity me! Hope the M's take out Peavey!

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