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Monday, June 20, 2005

Fantasy Fight Brewing

It's on this week. My last-place squad (Omnimedia Corp.) is up against Gavin's middle-of-the-road pack (Brannigan's Love). A few problems for me off the bat, as Mike Sweeney and Jim Edmonds are both hurting, Manny Ramirez will probably sit out a few games, and Odalis Perez still hasn't returned either. I also have these starters who are playing horribly...

-- Jim Thome
-- Juan Pierre
-- Edgar Renteria
-- Mike Lowell

So, basically, half my lineup needs to stop the sucking now in order for me to have a chance. As for pitching, I won last week with an ERA just under 6. So, either I need Gavin's rotation to absolutely blow, or mine will have to improve, led by the sick Jake Peavy and the inconsistance of Oliver Perez and A.J. Burnett. I do notice that the Marlins have dragged down my team. What a disappointing year for them so far besides Willis.

On Gavin's side, here's hoping that the M's hold Bobby Crosby in check, because he's Gavin's man (I have Eric Chavez). The Indians will have to stop pitching so well (Sabathia and Lee). And David Ortiz must finally suck. Just for a week. Basically, I'm screwed and I want everyone to know that off the bat. We'll keep you posted as the week progresses.

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