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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Do The M's = The Tin Man?

If we win today, the PI points out that the Mariners will finish the month of June with a .500 mark. That will be a moderate success, but this is still a puzzling team, notably the lack of offense. The Devil Rays are a better offensive team than us. The Devil Rays! I am ready to believe that there is something psychologically wrong with this team, the same lack of heart that I have seen from previous years. I want to see players cussing each other out, or cussing out the media. I want to see Hargrove being tossed, or relievers punching their fists in the air after a big strikeout. I can tell that Sexson is that type of person. I can tell that Guardado is that type of person. I can also tell that they are not the leaders on this team. I am the biggest Moyer fan, but his quietness is seeming to weigh on the rest of the staff. He is the leader of that rotation, and I need to see him call out Meche or Piniero. Get Boone out so that Beltre and Sexson can take charge of the hitters, calling out Olivo or Winn. I don't know whether these thoughts are reasonable. I just want to see more heart and character, the type that I see on the A's, Red Sox, or Orioles.

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