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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Daily M's Musings

Two days in a row I have a post on the M's. Maybe they aren't quite as dull as we had thought!

First up is the beginning of the trade season. Last week's blockbuster Urbina for Polanco trade (also known as the next death knell for my fantasy team, as I think Troy Percival goes down for surgery one more time) signaled its start. Buster Olney has detailed for ESPN the names bandied about. A few should interest us. Bret Boone is available (no, you're kidding?) but how many people are truly wanting a weak hitting old infielder with no range. I'm hoping Boone has an insane next two weeks and suckers someone into giving us a real prospect for him. Randy Winn is on the list as well (as the honorary captain of the Free Chris Snelling club I am ecstatic). Colin and I were discussing this, and Randy Winn would be a perfect fit for the Yankees. I know, I'm enjoying the Yankees fall as much as anyone, but I really do like Randy... I just don't think he's a good fit for our club. He would be an amazing fit for New York, who has been looking for his style of player for the past three years (Kenny Lofton, Tony Womack). Griffey is apparently on the block as well, but is going to earn far too much money for the return. I'd love to see him wear an M's uniform again, but it just isn't going to happen.

Secondly is Gil Meche's performance last night, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Yes, the Phillies hit a lot of deep fly balls, but it didn't look like the hitters were ever able to get extended. His curveball was tremendous, and whenever he can spot it for a strike he does look like the pitcher we've hoped he could become. I'm definitely more excited about his starts than anyone else in our rotation.

Felix Hernandez threw a three hit combined shutout yesterday in Portland. How many times does he have to dominate before he is called up? Does a 2.30 ERA mean anything? Hello? Bavasi?

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