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Friday, June 17, 2005

Colin's Chatter

On today's installment:

-- Arizona State starts its quest at the College World Series today against Alex Gordon and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. This will be a tough, tough game on what is essentially Nebraska's home field in Omaha. ASU's pitching will have to be up to the task, as it was against Cal State Fullerton.

-- One of my two predictions for the NBA Finals was proved incorrect yesterday, as the Pistons scored over 100 points. My other prediction (that I would not watch 100 minutes of the series) is holding strong, as I am at about 6 minutes total for the series. Why, you ask? Because this series sucks, and has not had a close 4th quarter yet.

-- On somewhat better news, it looks like the NBA and the players union will come to an agreement at some point over the weekend. Excellent job, fellas. I sure hope that a minimum age limit is in there, because I am sick and tired of watching 18 year olds sit on the bench collecting dust. However, kudos for both sides on realizing how important it was that a deal be reached. NHL, paying attention? NHL? You still out there? Do you still exist? Does anyone care?

-- Man, I really wanted that sweep against the Phillies. Fortunately, our offense still reeks, and is performing WORSE than last year. WORSE THAN LAST YEAR??? And we have David Locke talking about how we need to stick with what we got? Boone needs to be dumped. Now. He looks worse than a certain SandFrog band member did last year.

-- I want to get in the zone. Auto Zone.

-- I understand why Art Thiel would be sympathetic to Okeafor's whining. However, I really believe that Ruskell is putting a solid end to that foolishness, and would have preferred a tad more optimism from Thiel.

-- Girlie show I am currently watching in exchange for Mariner privileges on most nights. Food Networks "The Next Food Network Star", a reality show where, like the title says, a new host will be chosen. It is moderately entertaining, especially to see the wannabe hosts struggling with looking at the camera while attempting to chop mushrooms. One individual has developed a completely blank stare that he maintains for at least five seconds while his brain valiantly works to catch up with what the screen is saying. There's also a fitness guru who starts out each clip by talking about how much weight she has lost. Hey, remember Subway? Go work there, ok? Knock out the Human Formerly Known As Jared.

-- Will I be watching the US Open this weekend? Well, my favorite golfer Mickelson is now completely out of it, so maybe not as much as I would have otherwise, but probably some on Sunday. That course looks sick, though. I remember Daly melting down last time the Open was at Pinehurst.

-- Movie of the weekend? Batman. Definitely. Looks sweet, and Christian Bale, who just seems an little insane, is perfect for the role. Probably a task for Saturday afternoon.

-- Book I'm currently reading? "The Writing Cure", edited by Dr. Stephen Lepore and Dr. Joshua Smyth. The book, which overviews research I will probably use for my thesis, discusses the link between writing and physiological benefits. So.... blogging might be good for my health beyond providing me a resource to get my childlike thoughts on the Internet. Good news just became great news.

That's frieking enough for me. It's about 4PM. Time to watch the Sun Devils....

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