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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cheer for the Dolphins?

I have to admit it... I've always been a closet Miami hater. Their uniforms are godawful ugly, they always have more hype than potential, and ever since Dan Marino have played a very poor brand of offensive football. I never have been able to understand the media always picking them to be a division winner when they were trotting out Jay Fiedler at quarterback, and reveled in my superior knowledge when the latest late-season collapse occurred.

With all that said... I like Nick Saban. In fact, the more I read about him the more I like him. I like that they hired Randy Mueller. I will root for Mueller and Saban to find some success. I will root for the team to get out from under the bus that Ricky Williams and David Boston buried them under. I will root for Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor to play for a winner. However, I don't think it will be this year. What do they have? They lose Patrick Surtain on the defensive side, still don't have a quarterback/wide receiver/offensive line. Not a good team. But I do like Nick Saban.

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