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Monday, June 27, 2005

Blah! Monday!

It just is one of those lazy Monday afternoons for me (I'm playing Civ III for some reason right now), but I thought I would add my two cents to an altogether craptastic Mariner week.

-- Thank you, Boone, for putting together a weekend that might make someone take a flier on you. Please keep it up, at least a little, so that we can actually get a decent pitching prospect for you from sunny San Diego.

-- On the other hand, Winn, you need to step it back up to make yourself viable trade bait. The Yanks are playing Tony Womack in center field. Make them need you so Snelling can play left field.

-- I understand how poorly our lineup has hit, but, to me, the weakest part of this team is, as predicted before the season began, our starting rotation. Gavin has basically covered this, but it is essential that we make a huge push for an A.J. Burnett-type pitcher during the offseason. We WILL NOT contend without a better staff. My dreams? Burnett, Felix, Madritsch, plus two more, perhaps a Campillo or a Livingston. Note that none of those 5 pitchers are in our current rotation.

-- Gavin gets excited about the NBA draft, but I do not. Why? Because 80% of the picks that will be made tomorrow will be atrocious. They will be high-schoolers, they will be unproven kids from Russia and Slovenia, they will be mediocre college big-men who get picked simply because they are 7 feet tall. Why do teams like Detroit and San Antonio consistently succeed? They don't waste their draft picks. If they do go outside the country, they do their homework, a la Manu Ginobli (for the sake of the argument, forget Darko). Take Seattle. During their slump stretch, who did they get in the draft that they kept? Rashard, and, towards the end, Reggie Evans. Ouch. Sure, Earl Watson was nice for a year, and so was Eric Snow, but they were gone before the Sonics knew what they had. Why did improvement come? The draft picks meant something in the form of Ridnour and Collison. Swift, in my opinion, did not deserve the pick, as skinny young centers generally are soft and get dunked on, like Bradley. The Sonics better not waste this year's pick. I would be satisfied if they go for either a backup point-guard or a solid low-post player. I say low-post, I do NOT say center.

-- Final in fantasy baseball? My Omnimedia Corp 8, Brannigan's Love 4. Manny Ramirez kicked Gavin's posterior from here to next week, while A.J. Burnett's complete-game shutout of Tampa Bay gave me victories in pitcher's wins and complete games. All in all, my best fantasy week so far, and it knocked me out of last place.... into ninth place. YES!!! Eighth place, here I come!

-- Watch. Batman. Begins. Christian Bale is, by far, the best Batman yet. He just seems scary and a bit off, which fits perfectly into the role of the Masked Avenger. There is some good acting by Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine, and a women in Kate Hudson. Honestly, I have no idea what to write about her after this whole Tom Cruise deal. I have never seen as weird a public romance in my life. It reminds me of the couples who would make out in the hallway during classes in high school, basically serving to remind us losers that they had a girlfriend/boyfriend, we didn't, and thus they were superior to us in any way imaginable. But she can't make me dislike the movie. There is some wonderful cinematic scenes involving bats, plus some excellent ninja action (always a plus). See it. Trust me.

-- Book of the week? "To The Last Man", by Jeff Shaara. Shaara's father wrote "The Killer Angels", which was later turned into the movie "Gettysburg". This book recounted World War I from several perspectives, including the Red Baron, the American flying ace Raoul Lufbery, American commander Jack Pershing, and one chapter with rising star Patton. Just an excellent novel of an horrific war with real depth on both sides.

That's all for now. Gavin and I will have more NBA stuff tomorrow, for sure.

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Let's hear it for Ninjas! Realultimatepower!


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