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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Another Win For ASU!!

ASU is now 5-0 in elimination games this postseason after a 6-1 victory today over Florida, and is one win away from moving to the best-of-three championship series against either Texas or Baylor. All that stands in their way is a rematch with Florida tomorrow.

Erik Averill was dominant for the Sun Devils, throwing a complete game and allowing only 1 run from an extremely potent Gators lineup. The offense hit on all cylinders, scoring 6 runs including Travis Buck’s blast in the 1st inning to start off the game.

I have absolutely no idea who will pitch for the Sun Devils tomorrow. It was extremely important to allow the bullpen to rest, and Averill did that, but the starters are completely wiped, while Florida had a rest period before this game and should have a decent starter on the mound. It will take another outstanding effort to get over the hump and move on, but I am not about to stop believing in these guys yet. This has been extremely fun to watch, even as a new ASU grad student. The team has heart, and keeps on winning when I absolutely expect them to lose. For those of you who actually have ESPN Classic, it will be showing the Devils outstanding win over Nebraska tonight. I don’t have Classic, and this is one of the few nights ever that I wish I did.

One Mariner note: All I can say is that we ran into a Haren-Harden buzzsaw, while the bullpen of Nelson and Villone isn’t awesome (and that is a revelation?) I expect us to pick up a win tonight, and then we might tie up the series tomorrow. No big deal. We are a .500 team, and we are acting like a .500 team.

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