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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Another Day

Well, not as bad a day today, though I nicked a car while parking, so that will be awesome to work through with the ol' insurance. Time to comment on a weird Mariners stretch that has seen them win 3 1-run games in a row.

-- Once again, Nelson is used as the set-up man. Maybe Nelson has showed Hargrove something that he hasn't shown me. Maybe Putz REALLY got out of favor during his love affair with the home-run ball. Maybe Hargrove continually forgets that Mateo exists, or insists on using him primarily in long relief. Whatever. I guess I'll just get used to the fact that the 8th inning will give me a great deal of heartburn during the rest of the season, because I don't see many 1-2-3 innings on the horizon for Mr. Nelson.

-- I have to agree with Jeff over at Lookout Landings. Pro Player Stadium is dead silent during a baseball game. This is the home stadium of a team that has won 2 World Series rings in the past 8 years. 2 of them. To me, that is a ridiculous fan base. Take the team out of there, kill the franchise in Tampa Bay, and get baseball out of Florida, because it is obvious that noone cares about baseball down there. For those Marlin fans out there that would disagree with me, all I have to say is, "Go to a frieking baseball game, then. Make some noise! There is better attendance at Pirates games and at Royals games, and those are two franchises that have been terrible for a long amount of time.

-- On the plus side, Morse is definitely a better hitter than Wilson Valdez. He is stronger and has a better eye at the plate. However, people (I'm looking at you, Rich Waltz) need to end the A-Rod comparisons immediately. A-Rod should not be mentioned in the same sentence as Michael Morse. A-Rod was a better hitter, was younger, was a much better fielder, and was a better leader. Did the guy take on an insane contract that has clouded his entire career? Yes. Should he, ever, be linked with every podunk shortstop for the M's? No.

-- For all the talk about the horrible offense for the A's, they have scored the exact same number of runs as the M's with only playing one extra game. That means that a lineup with Ichiro, Beltre, Sexson, and Boone have had as much success as a lineup with Kotsay, Hatteberg, and Chavez, and Durazo. Not good, guys, not good at all. And, by the way, Jeff Cirillo is hitting the ball better than Beltre.

-- I really like the draft pick of the M's, a left-handed masher from USC. Jeff Clement also sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders. I enjoyed listening to him on the radio. Expect him to make the Big Show in a few years.

-- Our rotation is ill-designed to sustain more than a 3-game winning streak. You have a 40%, injured Piniero, a junk-baller in Franklin, a 42-year old losing his control in Moyer, a pitcher named Aaron Sele, and an inconsistent (sometimes) head-case in Meche. None of those cause me to have a great deal of confidence before any given start. With that said, the pitcher that I have the least amount of fear with is Meche. For some reason I have stopped becoming extremely jumpy whenever I watch him pitch. He seems to be gaining back some of the confidence he gained last year, and is working out of more jams instead of automatically giving up 3 runs.

-- How sad is it when Pat Borders is REALLY playing better, in all respects, than Miguel Olivo? Extremely sad.

I am extremely excited to watch the Mariners lose tonight and tomorrow night, mostly because I love watching Willis and Beckett pitch. If we actually win one of these two games, I will be tickled pink.

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