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Thursday, June 30, 2005

And the Thornton Death Spiral Continues...

So I'm gamecasting today's matchup with the A's and have a few experiences...

First, Mateo gives up another home run. What is it with our pitchers and giving up gamebreaking long balls? Seriously, it's an epidemic.

Then it's 4-2 and I see this pop up on my screen:

- M Thornton relieved J Mateo.

First thought at this point... Sh*t.

Then comes the first batter, Eric Chavez.

- E Chavez walked.

Wow, what a surprise. Matt Thornton walks a batter. Now up walks Bobby Crosby.

- B Crosby homered to left center, E Chavez scored.

A home run! What? Thornton sucks without an out! No way! Two walks and two strikeouts later the inning is mercifully over. Unfortunately, so is the game. Exactly when is enough enough for Thornton? Please?

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