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Thursday, June 23, 2005

AL West Sewn Up?

Lost in the gripping series between the M’s and A’s was the absolute crushing of the Texas Rangers by the LAA Angels. This was no ordinary sweep. This was the Angels asserting their dominance of the league by taking the Rangers behind the shed and laying a whupping on them the likes of which haven’t been seen since Mom heard Gavin say “sh*t” for the first time. I remember being confused at the time, since I thought Gavin had said “ship” and I didn’t know what that other word was. Here are a few thoughts on how one-sided this series was…

Monday: Angels 5, Rangers 1
Chris Young provides the only semi-respectable start for the Angels, but the bats die
Paul Byrd pitches like Bartolo Colon
Only 6 hits for the Rangers

Tuesday: Angels 8, Rangers 6 (one respectable game for them)
Angels score all 8 runs in the first two innings of Chan Ho Park
Soriano K’s 3 times

Wednesday: Angels 6, Rangers 0
Kenny Rogers gives up all 6 runs in 3 1/3 innings
Rangers scrap out just another 6 hits to go with 5 K’s

Total Score: Angels 19, Rangers 7

I know that this is jumping to conclusions (but isn’t that what blogging is all about?), but I expect that we have seen the end of the competitive edge on the Rangers. They might remain in the race for awhile, but they will not get the title or the wildcard. Their young bats completely disappeared in this series while their 3 best starters were absolutely manhandled. Seriously, it’s not like the Angels did this against Ryan Drese or Pedro Astacio, two starters who were already let go by the Rangers. Those are the 3 starters that the Rangers would want pitching. I just don’t see how anyone can catch the Angels now, even with the inconsistent pitching and the nagging injuries to Escobar and F-Rod, among others.

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