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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Again with the Bill Simmons...

If you pay attention to the NBA draft at all, you know that Bill Simmons is the man to read about the entertainment value that lies therein. In this article, he counts down his top 60 moments, with plenty to talk about (hint: Rashard Lewis cracks the list, as does the Sonics selection of Cory Maggette).

Also, be sure to read Gavin's mock draft a little lower down, so you can help me rip on him when all his predictions go for naught. READ. READ!!!

Gavin: Yes, my predictions will mostly go for naught. Is that because an inebriated squirrel could create a mock draft? The answer... yes. Which is why Chad Ford has a job. However, my draft is a thing of immense beauty, and NBA GMs go against it at their own risk.

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