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Monday, June 13, 2005

2nd Mock Draft, aka Much Better Effort

Remember how I crucified the first mock draft from Chad Ford a few weeks ago? He apparently heard many of my concerns, which are addressed today. Still some laughers... highlights below.

1. Marvin Williams, Bucks. Totally agree with this. Williams is the best talent, and he's from Washington. Solid.

4. Chris Paul, New Orleans. I don't really think that point guard is where the Hornets should look, with the emergence of Dan Dickau. I would go with someone larger, like Fran Vazquez. If I were the Hornets, I would trade down.

7. Danny Granger and 16. Sean May, Toronto
These would be two great picks by the Raptors IF they didn't have Rafer Alston taking up space. Time to dump him and pick up one of the many great point guards (Jarret Jack comes to mind). Sean May would pair with Chris Bosh to be great inside. Jalen Rose still can play the three. A point guard and getting rid of Alston would be a huge upgrade.

8. Channing Frye, New York
Well, at least this is a better move than last time with Chris Taft. However, I'll believe all the talk about the new and improved Frye (bigger and stronger) when I see it. Until then he'll be the next Loren Woods.

9. Ike Diogu, Golden State
Well, I rave about Diogu and Ford finally figures out that he's talented. He is a top ten prospect. I would love for him to fall to the Sonics, but hopefully most teams aren't that dumb.

10. Raymond Felton, LA Lakers
I love Felton as a point guard. I love his poise. I love his leadership. I love Felton.

13. Joey Graham, Ok. St.
This is way too early for Joey Graham to go. He lacks the size and position to play anything and his shooting touch is still spotty. This would be a major mistake with players like Sean May, Charlie Villanueva and Hakim Warrick still on the board.

15. Hakim Warrick, NJ Nets
Yes, he lacks a position. However, he is a physical freak and WILL be the next Shawn Marion.

19. Julius Hodge, Memphis
As Ford starts to bring out the international "prospects" he mentions Hodge. I think Hodge is a tremendous leader and team player. However, Memphis needs solid scoring options. Hodge is too small to defend well and has the worst jumper in the first round. Memphis can do better.

21. Johan Petro, Phoenix
I hated him going to Seattle, but this would actually make sense. They play a European style game and Amare Stoudamire wants to move back to the four. If he can play up and down this would be a solid pick.

24. Wayne Simien, Houston
The best guy for the Sonics left in the draft goes one pick too early. He's also exactly what Houston needs. A rebounder and scorer for when Yao decided to be soft. They really missed Juwan Howard in the playoffs.

25. Jarrett Jack, Seattle
Well, I love Jack as a player and we are probably losing Antonio Daniels. However, Ryan Gomes (going next to Detroit) or Ronny Turiaf might be better as we will also lose Reggie Evans and Jerome James. I know why Chad has us taking him, but hope that we can do better. That way we can fulfill my dream of drafting Will Conroy (too many turnovers in Chicago) in the second round.

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