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Monday, June 06, 2005

2005 MLB Draft

Yes, the M's do have the number three pick tomorrow. Yes, they don't have anything after that until the 4th round. Yes, the system is really screwed up. MLB has the NBA truly beat when it comes to drafting on upside, which is why most all-stars now aren't first round draft picks. Anyways, here are my top five picks, which are all talked about in much better detail over at Mariners Roundtable.

1. Justin Upton, SS
This kid can flat out hit the ball and projects also as a CF. Either would work well for the Mariners. We have plenty of shortstop depth, and Jeremy Reed can easily move over to LF. He also becomes slightly less of a upside question because of the obvious talent of his older brother BJ, so the genetics are obviously in place. Justin has more power than his older brother, and a slightly larger build. The only way we get him is if Arizona decides to take a pitcher because they just signed Stephen Drew and wants to keep him as a shortstop.

2. Alex Gordon, 3B
Yes, we do have this Adrian Beltre fellow manning third for the forseeable future. However, ala Chipper Jones Alex could move to LF and actually provide some pop in our outfield. He is the most known quantity in the draft, after absolutely killing college ball. He reminds me quite a bit of Troy Glaus, only with a better knowledge of the strike zone.

3. Cameron Maybin, OF
My numbers three through five are frankly tied. I could go with any of them. Maybin is a high school outfield prospect who has shown a ton of raw power and tools. He is definitely a few year project and the longest away from the majors, yet might have the most upside of anyone in the draft. He is the one player where people mention the name "Griffey" and aren't laughed at.

4. Luke Hochevar, P
The M's have a bit of a bad rap in their farm system. We actually have a lot of quality position player prospects. Jose Lopez, Matt Tuiasosopo, Adam Jones, Chris Snelling, Shin Soo-Choo, Wladimer Balentian are all players who could really make an impact in the majors. However, we have yet to really show all that pitching depth we used to have. We have Felix Hernandez and Jorge Campillo and maybe two more serious possibilities after that. Pretty pathetic. It's time to help stock the larder better. Unfortunately, Hochevar is a Boras client. Bad Boras.

5. Troy Tulowitzki, SS
This is the name most affiliated with the Mariners and we can't complain with him. He is a known quantity like Gordon, and translates to another Bobby Crosby, which would be pretty darn cool. I think we will probably end up with Tulowitzki personally. He has a solid bat, can make some amazing plays, and isn't afraid of leadership. All stuff we need at short, as we continue to try and find a replacement to A-Rod.

It's sorta fun! We won't really care for two years!

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