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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sonics vs Spurs, Game 6

I am the most optimistic about this game as I have been for any game this series. I just think that we are ready to take this back to San Antonio. Not so confident about that game, however.

1st Quarter: Sonics 25, Spurs 20
A nice start for the Sonics, aggressive, going into the paint. The Spurs, on the other hand, have yet to get to the free-throw line at the 5 minute mark. Kudos to Daniels and Allen for leading the charge. Excellent defense by Jerome James (what?). We are really closing out on the San Antonio drivers, and Parker and Ginobli have not been able to go off. Yet. Still a lot of game to go. At this point in the series, one has to think about the what if.... What if a healthy Rashard Lewis or Vladimer Radmanovic were able to go in this series? Would we be playing for the series right now? Very possible, as that Game 5 might have been able to be tilted our way. Wow. They just did our series in a Star Wars theme. Terrific. Quick two fouls on Collison, one good, one a poor decision by Collison. Make that three fouls on Collison. Ouch. Daniels is still able to take it to the rack, though, and draws another foul on Horry. The Spurs are going on a run to close out this quarter, we must nip this in the bud. Beautiful set-up by Daniels to let up the dunk by Evans. Then Ginobli flops, doesn't get the call for one, and we end up by 5. We need to continue slashing into the paint, while keeping the Spurs out of the paint. We are containing the Spurs' big guns well right now, and that has to continue.

2nd Quarter (Gavin): Sonics 47, Spurs 52
This quarter has started out great. I love our offense. Isolate a guard and take it to the bucket. The Spurs are doing the worst job I've seen this series in keeping us out of the paint. Ray Allen and Antonio Daniels are hitting layin after layin. On the defensive end, a few cheap calls already (like the most recent anticipation foul on Daniels), but the aggressiveness is there and Ginobili isn't going to the rim every time. The Spurs have only really gotten a cheap three from Udrih. They can't depend on that. We're shooting 70 percent, but it's all from within two feet. We've only taken one three and missed it. The Spurs are two of three (why are they shooting so darn well from outside?). Jerome James just picked up the second on Tim Duncan on an excellent spin move. Great pass into him. What the heck was James then doing jumping out on Duncan at the other end? Let Duncan shoot the 18 foot jumper, for crying out loud. The Spurs have yet to miss from the line... and yet another awful call on the defensive end. These officials have to let some contact go. The Spurs are making their first run. As long as we maintain the lead we'll be okay. I mean, they're shooting almost 50 percent themselves. James is playing passive defense again and follows it up with a passive fadeaway. Duncan is on the bench. Time to make a bit of a run. We have hit a bit of a drought. What an awful no-call on Allen's drive, and then they call a pushing foul on Jerome. The refs definitely would like to not have a Game 7. The refs allow the Spurs to have their first lead at the 4:30 mark. We just can't hit a shot! Now yet another terrible call gives the Spurs a six point lead. We're playing really well, yet find ourselves behind, it's frustrating. 2 minutes scores: Sonics 4, Spurs 5 . Back to back turnovers help us out with the Spurs shooting lights out this quarter. Ridnour can't buy himself a bucket. The refs didn't let Ginobili flop again, maybe they have been watching this series. Terrible final play. Nice work, Ray.

1st Half MVP: Don't really know who to give this to, since I didn't watch much of the first quarter and no one stepped up in the second. I suppose Ray Allen has taken it to the hole, but he's missed a lot of quick pull-ups this quarter.

Key Stat: Robert Horry's line, 11 points, 5 rebounds. That's the difference.

3rd Quarter: Sonics 73, Spurs 72
Big thanks to Gavin for taking over while I watched Kendra (very deserving) win the Apprentice and the terrific prize of working for Donald Trump. A blog will probably be written on this, so I'll go back to writing about basketball. Nice start by Ridnour getting a quick 2. Hey, a foul on Ginobli! The time: 9:11PM. Write it down. Wow, great luck shot by Daniels to close it to 1. And then Ginobli turns it over again, making my day. Wow, no foul called? OK, technical foul on Daniels. Sometimes I just don't understand what the refs have against us this series. Does anyone understand this? I am underwhelmed at the Sonics play to start out this quarter, though Duncan still has no field goals. Alright, finally another field goal by Daniels. Down by 2. Man, we have to keep Mohammed off the offensive glass. And another technical foul, this one on McMillan, because of the crappy officiating. I think that we are finally getting sick and tired of this happening to us game after game after game this series. Dang it, Ginobli another three, and we're down by 8. This is making me sick. Well, we cut the deficit in half pretty quickly, which is nice. Big bucket by Parker. Hey, Ridnour went it there hard. Good job! Bad foul on Collison, but that one I blame on us allowing the offensive rebound. And we're back to an 8 point deficit. OK, James and Ridnour close it back to 3, and the Spurs call a timeout. We're still in this one, still in it. Stupid moving screen by James. That was a foul, no doubt about it. Huge 3 to tie it by Ray Allen, his first field goal of the quarter. Dang it, Wilkins, missing both free throws with a chance to take the lead. GREAT PLAY BY FORTSON wrestling the ball away from Tony Parker and getting the three-point play. An 11-0 run by Seattle. Two crap plays by Wilkins and Collison on back to back fast-break opportunities leads to a flagrant foul by Fortson on Duncan. Another big 3 by Allen followed by a good play by Udrih to cut the Seattle lead to 2. And a bail-out call on Ginobli to send him to the line. Man, have I seen a ton of those this series. And Ginobli misses the 2nd, Fortson is shoved out of bounds, and the refs give the ball to SA. Incredible. At least they miss the last shot. We're up by 1 going into the 4th!

4th Quarter: Spurs 98, Sonics 96
Yep. You guessed it. We start with an offensive foul on Fortson. Our offense is starting sluggish, bad sign. Hey, Fortson just leveled Ginobli. Gotta love that. Any time that Ginobli actually falls down because of a person is great. Meanwhile, Wilkins draws the foul and retakes the lead. Good shot by Brent Barry, Spurs by 1. Still sluggish on offense. Down by 1 at the 8:59 mark. Playing well on defense, not moving the ball well on offense. What a stat. Ray Allen has scored 4 total points in the 4th quarter THIS SERIES!!! What the... Great look in to Collison for the dunk. Is Duncan injured? He's holding his foot. True, I like Seattle fans, but don't cheer the injury. Duncan gets up and makes both free-throws, so he can't be too bad off. Wow, what a 3 by Ray Allen. Duncan ties it at 80. 7 minutes to go. 3 by Barry to put them up by 1. 5:48 left. Barry has fouled out, but we are still down by 1, Spurs ball, TV timeout. Our offense needs to wake up, because we are letting the Spurs push us around instead of driving to the hole. Daniels might need to take over for a few possessions. Blah. Another bail-out call given to Ginobli. SA up by 2. Ridnour ties it. Wow. Great shot by Duncan, with the foul. I can't believe Duncan is 14-15 from the line. Allen rushes a 3, ball back to the Spurs. Parker puts the Spurs up by 4. Nice feed from Ridnour to Collison, down by 2. Wilkins for 3!!! YES!!! Up by 1!! Parker travels, ball back to Seattle! Man, it is SO LOUD IN SEATTLE!!! Parker hits the shot, Spurs up by 1. 2:19 left. Another bad move by Ray Allen turns the ball over with 2 minutes to go. Spurs still up by 1. I haven't liked our offense all fricking quarter. We can't go out this way, guys! Step it up offensively! Shoot, down by 4 with 1:22 left. Our ball, however. Oh well, Daniels missed the 1st, but made the 2nd to tie it. Spurs have the ball, 14 seconds left. And we lose by 2. Ultimate bummer.

Sonics, thanks for a wonderful, and extremely unexpected, ride. What I will say now is.... Go Phoenix!

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