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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sonics Update

A lot of decisions await the Sonics, and it looks like Howard Schultz is ready to go.

Management without a contract:
Rick Sund, GM (expected to resign)
Nate McMillan, coach (will be wooed by NY Knicks, Cleveland, and Minnesota)

Free Agent Players:
Ray Allen (expressed desire to resign after game, Cleveland and Charlotte possibilities)
Antonio Daniels (will test market, command big money)
Vladimer Radmanovic (injuries will drag down value, expected to resign for short contract, work for big contract later)
Danny Fortson (will not exercise option, stay a Sonic)
Ronald Murray (please do not resign him)
Mateen Cleeves (does anyone care?)
Reggie Evans (might get more money from another team, has improved every year)
Damien Wilkins (best defender in a Sonic uniform since.... Nate McMillan, we must resign him)
Jerome James (will get several offers, doubtful we will match them)
Vitaly Potapenko (flashes of desire, but mostly another 7 foot stiff)

Remaining Players:
Rashard Lewis (will he remain an All-Star without Ray Allen?)
Luke Ridnour (took huge steps forward, should remain a staple in the Sonics lineup)
Nick Collison (also took huge steps, should fit into the starting lineup next year)
The indomitable Robert Swift (young, played, like, 5 minutes all year)
Ibrihim Kutluay (Turkish guard never able to show stuff in the big show)
(Danny Fortson)

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